Best Class A RV for Winter Living

When there are snow-covered trees, frozen lakes, and cold mountain tops, winter landscapes can be stunning and distinctive. Going skiing, ice skating, and other winter sports can be a lot of fun and offer a different kind of vacation experience. Therefore, traveling and taking a trip during the winter is a great idea. Traveling in an RV is a highly useful way to add adventure to your winter vacations, especially if you want to camp outside in the chilly weather.

Moreover, Statistics show that Digital nomads include people who live in Van-Life. They use recreational vehicles, vans, or other motorized vehicles that have been modified into mobile homes to get around, live, and work. People who live in this manner are typically adventurous and combine remote work with travel for a variety of purposes and durations of time. By the middle of 2022, there were reportedly over three million Van Lifers living in the US.

There are different types of RVs available that provide you with several facilities to make your traveling life easier. However, “Class A” RVs are thought to be the ideal option for making your winter tour the best.

What Makes Class A RV a Good Option for Winter Living?

We can see that recreational vehicles come in a variety of sizes and models with many facilities. Although the Class A RV is regarded as one of the best vehicles for making your camping trips ideal. A Class A RV can make your winter vacation more enjoyable by offering a comfortable, versatile, and reliable home on wheels.

A separate bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen are just a few of the extra conveniences that a Class A RV’s size and layout make possible. These features can make your trip more exciting and pleasurable. We’ve highlighted a few reasons that make Class A RVs an excellent choice for wintertime living.

  • Heating and Insulation: Class A RVs generally feature stronger heating systems and better insulation, that helps keep the interior warm throughout the winter.
  • Size and Convenience: Class A RVs are spacious and larger than other RV classes, making them more suitable for full-time or longer residences.
  • High-Quality Appliances: Class A RVs commonly feature higher-quality appliances, which can make them more reliable in cold weather.
  • Self-Containment: Compared to other RV categories, Class A RVs are typically thought to be more self-contained. They can make it more pleasant for long-term living because they have their generator and water tanks.
  • Incredible Functionality: The driver’s seat in some Class A RVs may be rotated, making it simpler to move inside. When the slides are out and the RV is parked in a small space, this can be extremely useful.
  • Privacy: Compared to a regular housing alternative, some people may prefer the privacy and seclusion that come with living in a Class A RV.
  • Durability: Class A RVs have a hard, waterproof exterior and are constructed on solid chassis, which can help to protect against extreme weather conditions. Compared to other RV models, which might not be as equipped to withstand harsh winter weather, this might be a significant advantage.

7 Best Class A RVs for Winter Living

Size, insulation, and general build quality are all considerations when looking for the best Class A RVs for winter living. These Class A RVs have some great features and dimensions that make them suitable for cold climates.

However, with the huge range of RVs, it might get a bit confusing for you to pick the right one depending on your requirements. Hence, here we are going to suggest you the top Class A RVs that will suit your needs the best. Have a look!


Newmar Canyon Star

The Newmar Corporation manufactures the luxurious Class A RV known as the Canyon Star. It is recognized for its top-notch design and amenities that make it ideal for long-term living and travel. The Canyon Star has several high-end features, including a king-size bed, a residential-style bathroom, and a full-size refrigerator. For additional insulation and warmth in the winter, it also has heated basement floors and double-paned windows.

Other amenities also include washer/dryer hookups, automated leveling jacks, backup and side cameras, multiple TVs, automatic generator start, built-in GPS, backup and side cameras, automatic leveling jacks, and an outdoor entertainment center. Furthermore, the Canyon Star has a dash heater and a ducted propane gas furnace as standard equipment. For some further warmth, an auxiliary heater is an option that can be installed in the coach’s back.

Moreover, the Canyon Star includes a fireplace, and many window treatment and lighting options. Some models feature high ceilings, numerous slide-outs that expand the inside, and bunk beds that can accommodate more people. Hence, it is one of the best Class A RVs for winter living.

  • Length: The lengths of the Canyon Star’s various floor plans range from 34 to 39 feet.
  • Engine: Cummins B diesel (Front Engine)
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: It has a GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) ranging from 22,000 to 28,000 pounds.

Entegra Reatta XL

Entegra Coach, a part of Jayco, Inc., manufactures the Entegra Reatta XL, a luxurious Class A motorhome. It is renowned for its incredible design and amenities that make it ideal for longer stays and lengthy journeys, including winter living. The heated basement storage, the Aqua-Hot 250D hydronic water, and heating system, the electric radiant floor heating system, and the winterizing drain system are all standard features of the Entegra Reatta XL.

The Reatta XL’s interior is furnished with residential-style furniture, solid-surface countertops, and high-end appliances for comfort and elegance. It has an automated transmission and a diesel engine for the drivetrain, making it simple to manage and maneuver. Along with several towing options including a tow hitch and a brake controller, the Reatta XL frequently has many safety features like airbags and stability control.

Furthermore, it includes two bathrooms and extra space for other passengers to sleep. The entertainment center and many other luxurious amenities make it a fabulous choice for winter living.

  • Length: With lengths ranging from 34 to 39 feet, the Reatta XL offers a variety of floor designs.
  • Engine: Cummins L9 turbocharged diesel (Rear Engine)
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: Its GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) is between 22,000 and 30,000 pounds.

Newmar Dutch Star

A luxurious Class A RV that is ideal for winter travel is the Newmar Dutch Star. It is constructed on a Freightliner chassis and offers a choice of a gas or diesel engine. The hydronic heating system of the Dutch Star uses hot water to heat the RV and has good insulation throughout. It offers numerous features and lets you customize your rig. The distinctive Newmar STAR Foundation, which is a galvanized steel frame that surrounds the entire vehicle, is one of many safety elements that are included with the Dutch Star.

The coach also has a one-piece fiberglass roof, which guarantees a strong, resilient, and leak-proof roof. Three various lengths of Dutch Star models are available from Newmar, along with 11 distinct floor layouts, some of which have several bathrooms. The Dutch Star from Newmar is very efficient at withstanding the cold. The “Dutch Star Den,” an optional space with a second TV, comfortable seats, and a work desk that can be turned into a sleeping area, is one of its amazing features.

This enables you to have a separate area for entertainment, working, or relaxing. Although it is by far the most costly RV on this list, individuals searching for a luxurious winter home will find its high-end amenities and solid construction to be worth the investment.

  • Length: The lengths of Dutch Star motorhomes normally range from 37-45 feet.
  • Engine: Cummins L diesel (Rear Engine)
  • Weight: The dry weight can range from about 26,000 pounds to over 42,000 pounds (without any options, fluid, or passengers).

Foretravel Realm FS450

The Realm FS450 has a 450-horsepower Cummins diesel engine and is constructed on a unique Foretravel Power Platform chassis. The construction of the Realm FS450 is one of its unique qualities. It is constructed using a patented Uni-Body design, which consists of a fiberglass body that is molded into one piece and attached to the chassis. It has solid-surface counters, expensive appliances, and upscale furniture. The coach includes a full-wall slide-out that increases the living space and gives it a very airy appearance.

When compared to more conventional motorhome construction techniques, this technology results in a coach that is extremely strong and durable while also being lighter. The Realm FS450 by Foretravel Motorcoach has a 10 kW Onan generator on a slide-out tray, an Aqua-Hot 450D hydronic water, and heating system, and electric heated flooring inside. Furthermore, it has three house batteries and 200 W of solar panels for additional electricity.

This RV is comparatively smaller in size but it is considered best because of the amenities that it offers. There is a large rear bedroom with a big wardrobe, a wide living/entertaining area with two opposed slide-outs, a huge amount of seating, and a fully furnished kitchen with plenty of counter space.

  • Length: 37 feet 8 inches.
  • Engine: The Foretravel Realm FS450 is powered by a 450-horsepower Cummins diesel engine.

Tiffin Allegro Bus 45

The Tiffin Allegro Bus 45 is a high-end, strongly constructed motorhome with a lot of comforts and amenities. It is intended for both long-term travel and full-time living because of its large interior and luxurious finishing. The Allegro Bus 45’s interior is famous for its elegant finishing and luxurious furnishings.

The interior of the RV contains a mix of high-end leathers, fabrics, solid-surface counters, and wooden cupboards, giving it a posh and high-end atmosphere. Furthermore, it has a media room with a flat-screen TV and audio system. The diesel engine that powers the Allegro Bus 45 offers lots of power and efficient fuel usage. To maintain a comfortable interior in all weather, it is also constructed with a solid and well-insulated frame.

  • Length: The number 45 in the model name relates to the vehicle’s overall length, which is approximately 45 feet in length.
  • Engine: Depending on the Allegro Bus 45’s year, model, and options, the precise engine model and specifications may change. The most popular engines used by Tiffin Motorhomes are the Cummins ISL 8.9L 450HP and Cummins ISB 6.7L 360 HP.

Winnebago Journey

The company Winnebago Industries makes the Winnebago Journey, a particular model of RV. Being a diesel-powered Class A motorhome with a heavy-duty bus chassis, The Journey is suited for long-distance travel. This vehicle’s interior is more modern and less chilled, with some wooden elements. it has one of the most unique interiors. The deluxe features and storage options in Journey are special and exclusive to Winnebago.

This fully equipped bus has elegant, contemporary features from front to back and was designed for luxury travel and entertaining. The Journey has many slide-out parts to expand the inside, a full kitchen and bathroom, a choice of floor plans, and premium luxuries like a fireplace and a large-screen television. Depending on the model and year, the Journey’s precise features and specs may change.

  • Length: The Journey’s entire length ranges from 33 to 38 feet.
  • Engine: Freightliner Maxum II XCM Chassis with a 380-hp Cummins ISL 8.9L engine.

Entegra Aspire

Entegra Coach, a division of Jayco, Inc., produces the Entegra Aspire, a particular model of a motorhome. Designed for long-distance travel, the Aspire is a luxurious Class A motorhome. It is ideal for winter living as it has an Aqua-Hot® 400D Hydronic Water and Heating System with In-Floor Heat, Insulated, Enclosed, and Heated Exterior Utility Center, Frameless Dual Pane Windows, Power Heated Side View Mirrors, and Electric Radiant Floor Heating System.

High-end furnishings, complete tile flooring, and an in-dash navigation system are just a few of the luxurious amenities and finishes that come equipped with Aspire. Aspire has bedrooms with possibilities for a King or Queen bed in the back, front, or middle of the coach depending on the floor layout. When not linked to shore power, Aspire’s strong diesel engine, automatic transmission, and generator provide power.

  • Length: The Aspire normally has overall lengths between 34 and 45 feet, making it longer than other types of recreational vehicles.
  • Engine: Cummins L9 Turbocharged Diesel (Rear Engine)

Summing Up

Class A RVs prove that they are the finest for winter living by providing enormous amenities and features. This is a large vehicle that may serve as both your winter residence and a great camping experience during the cold months. This is designed to provide a comfortable and lavish experience. Class A recreational vehicles often feature good insulation and heating and cooling systems to maintain a pleasant inside temperature even in the hottest weather. In the winter, this insulation can assist keep the living area warm by preventing freezing. Depending on the requirements, we’ve made it pretty simple for you to choose the best one for your winter living. Pick the one that best suits you and take advantage of the luxurious mobility.

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