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Are you new to the world of off-roading and camping? Have you just got your new RV and want to explore that amazing destination you’ve been scouting for the past year? Do you want to live in your RV or just like to get away at weekends? Seems like too many questions right? But these are bound to come to your mind as you’re new to the world of RVs and camping.

Before you jump in and drive away in excitement, remember that your brand new RV might not just be equipped to take you everywhere and once you are off the road, life could become difficult as you won’t have everything onboard.  

Seeing you as a newcomer, some people would want to sell you everything. There are too many booby traps for young enthusiasts in the market, so you should be careful when exploring the RV accessory market.

We have assembled this list to familiarize you with the best RV accessories that are a must-have and equip your motorhome for all the challenges. Be Careful! The items on this list could be highly addictive 😉

The Must-Have RV Accessories for Every Camper

As we know that most RVs come with bare minimum options and accessories and you don’t want to embark on a hardcore off-road journey with a bare-bone RV. So we have compiled this rich list of must-have RV accessories to equip your RV with everything you need.

General RV Essentials

Midland – X-TALKER T71VP3

38-mile range
36 channels
Wireless charging
Live weather alerts

No matter where you go, communication is utterly important, and don’t expect to find network coverage everywhere, let alone those secluded locations.

To stay in touch with your friends and be connected out there when RVing, you must get these walkie-talkies. With a 38-mile range, long battery time, and 36 channels, you’ll get seamless connectivity with your camping partners when you plan to split up for an adventure.

You also get wireless charging, hands-free operation, and weather alerts for maximum utility. When you make a list of essential and best RV accessories, this item must be included among the top ones.

Progressive Industries EMS-PT30X

Different current ratings and 3 operating modes – 30A / 120V / 3,600W
Weather resistant
Lifetime warranty
Locking bracket for safety

An utmost essential RV accessory is an EMS which can be compared to a circuit breaker at your home.

Don’t think that nothing could go wrong when you’re having the best time of your life out there. There could be a power surge, short circuit, or burnout due to faulty wiring, or any other electrical event.

Such an event could harm your electronic appliances, or even burn the whole rig down if things get out of hand. To ensure your loved ones and RV are protected in such an event, you must get an EMS and a surge protector installed in your motorhome.

When buying the best accessories for your RV, this should be the first item in your shopping cart and you must not cheap out on it, and get a quality product.

Camco TastePURE Drinking Water Hose for RV

Safe for drinking – made of BPA- and phthalate-free PVC
25-feet length
Ideal for all outdoor purposes

When you get a chance, you’ll need a dedicated hose to top up your freshwater holding tank for that. Not every facility or spot would be equipped with the proper equipment, so you ought to be for that.

You must pack a freshwater hose in your luggage when embarking on a long journey, and it is ideal to have a pair of 25-feet long hoses, just in case you run into trouble or lose one.

This water hose comes in a 25-feet length, is made of sturdy material to prevent environmental and UV damage, and serves multiple outdoor purposes.

Renator RV Water Pressure Regulator for RV Camper

Lead-free Brass
Universal compatibility
Pressure adjustable up to 160 PSI
Made of stainless steel and uses silicon oil

You can’t rely on the park’s water system to be well-regulated and just one fluctuation can wreak havoc on your RV.

Flooding due to excessive pressure is just one part, rusting, electrical issues, and cosmetic problems are additional troubles. RVs don’t come equipped with a water pressure regulator and you should not cheap out on this part.

Get a high-quality water pressure regulator and ensure your safety. This pressure regulator is made of robust metal valves, is lead-free, and comes with an adjustment dial for setting your desired pressure.

Camco TastePURE RV Water Filter

20-micron filter
GAC filter for perfect purification
KDF treatment for preventing the growth of molds
Fits most water hoses

When you plan to become a globe trotter in your newly revamped RV, you would have to rely on different water sources. Not just for cleaning and washing purposes, but consumption as well.

The clean water you packed at your home would run out after a few days and then you’d have to use what’s available out there. Keep in mind that most water sources are highly contaminated and you’d have to clean them before drinking.

A quick and easy solution for this problem is a portable water filter. This is also a must-have RV accessory and must not rely on unhealthy water for survival out there. This quality water filter keeps almost 99% of debris and contaminants out and lets you drink safe, healthy water on the spot.

Camco RhinoFLEX 20-Foot RV Sewer Hose Kit

Made of 23 mils polyolefin and reinforced steel wire
2x 10-foot sewer hoses in the setup
Compatible with most RVs
Very easy to pack and set up

Another important RV accessory that makes your motorhome inhabitable for any location is the sewer hose. Unless your RV has a dedicated cassette toilet, there’s no way you could get rid of all the waste and you don’t want to relieve yourself in the woods, OBVIOUSLY!
So equip your RV with this sewer hose and make your life easier when boondocking, tailgating, or Overlanding with your friends.

Camco 25′ PowerGrip Cord with 50M/50F-90 Degree Locking Adapter

25 feet long
100% copper
Flexible and heat-resistant
Easy to plug and unplug

If your RV didn’t come with an electrical cord, you’d need a separate shore power cord to plug in when settled at your rig.

Whatever you do, just do not use the normal house extension cord as it can cause a fire hazard and damage your appliances as well. If you want to keep your RV’s battery topped up and enjoy the onboard accessories, you must get a shore power cord according to the amperage, either 30 or 50 amp.

This quality power cord has a length of 25 feet, is flexible, and is made of highly durable material to offer you maximum reliability and peace of mind.


Supports up to 30,000 lbs
Up to 4 inches of lifting
Highly durable steel construction

Another important RV accessory that you should get is the levelers. Not every camping ground is going to be leveled and it is crucial for your safety that your RV is parked on a leveled surface.

If your RV has an absorption fridge, these items have become even more important for you. Nobody likes to sleep or even sit in a crooked spot and the same goes for your camping trip.

Get a set of sturdy levelers and make sure you have a good time out there, and your RV is parked safely.

MAXXHAUL 70472 Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Black Wheel Chock

Steel frame with rubber traction pad
8” L, 4” W, and 5” H
A built-in handle for easy placement
Very lightweight

Imagine you parked your RV at a scenic lakeside and started prepping your rig for the night meal, and when you looked back, it rolled down into the lake taking a dip.

It’s because you forgot to engage the brakes or your RV didn’t come with an electronic brake in the first place.

To prevent your RV from rolling away when parked, you ought to get these necessary RVing items. Carefully secure these chocks behind the wheels of your RV and enjoy your camping trip with peace of mind.

Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue

2-ply, highly absorbent
Specific for a marine flush system
Prevents clogging

This one doesn’t need any debate. Although not necessary for survival, toilet paper is a must-have RV accessory and you would realize this once you run into trouble of any kind.

You should pack a few boxes of septic, biodegradable toilet paper that have absorbent properties when leaving for a camping trip in your RV. If kids are also accompanying you, you would want to have a carton of these things, just to be safe!

WhereSafe GPS MagTracker

Long-range tracking
Extended battery life
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity

A GPS tracker is a must-have RV accessory and very crucial from the security point of view. Not only to keep it safe when parked in storage, but also during your trips.

You should go for a device that’s Bluetooth enabled, supports a Wi-Fi connection, and has long battery life.

WhereSafe offers a range of GPS accessories that cover all your tracking requirements, and it must be a part of your RV equipment list.

Trident Retractor Compass

Scratch-resistant polycarbonate
Highly accurate
Twin-heading indicators and markings every 10o

You don’t want to wander in the woods without having a compass in your backpack when trekking or camping.

Imagine getting lost in the woods and not getting any sign of your friends or rescue. You can’t even rely on GPS or walkie-talkies as they need service coverage and the batteries run out in a few hours.

When you go shopping for important RV accessories, get a compass as well.

RV Power Backup

Renogy Solar Panel 200 Watt 12 Volt

Individual Bypass Diodes
High-Tolerance to winds and environment – IP65 rated
175-watt power
Pre-drilled holes for installation

Needless to say, having a reliable power source and backup is crucial for executing a fun-filled camping trip. With modern technology at hand, gone are the days of those huge diesel generators that were dangerous, heavy, and polluted the environment.

When prepping your RV, get a setup of portable solar panels and travel with peace of mind that you’re covered for your trip. Whether it’s about charging your gadgets, running your LEDs, powering up the fridge, or blasting the sound system, a setup of reliable solar panels would do all this without flinching for a second.

These are lightweight, easy to install, and quite sturdy, making them ideal for off-road usage. These are super user-friendly as well, as they don’t create any noise or generate any toxic gases while supplying you with power.

Portable solar panels are the most important items on your best RV accessories list and should be atop your motorhome when you embark on your journey.

Westinghouse WGen9500DF

60 hours of run time
Very lightweight and quiet when running
2x output with parallel ports

Like propane burners, propane generators are a safer power backup than gas or diesel generators. These are lightweight, compact, and run in any kind of weather or altitude.

If your solar system gives up due to weather problems, you should have a quality propane generator in your RV to keep your power running at the rig.

This propane generator comes with dual outlets, 220V power, and an easy setup for seamless functioning and utility.

RV Kitchen Accessories

Wild Planet Ready-To-Eat Wild Tuna

Includes tuna
Highly nutritious and includes all necessary ingredients
Needs, no preparation or cooking

It’s great to cook your own meals and grill your own steaks when camping o boondocking, but it is not always possible.

It could be raining outside or you might be saving propane for reserve and can’t prepare dinner for everyone that night. It is ideal to pack enough RTE meals in your RV when leaving for the trip, especially if kids are along as well.

You should either prepare those ready-to-eat meals yourself or get ones that have maximum nutritional value and don’t require any sort of preparation. This pack of salad comes with everything you need in your daily meals and is scrumptious as well, so nobody would complain.

Progressive International CB-20 Storage Bowls with Lids

Safe for microwave oven, and freezer
Lid-covered bowls
Highly space saving

Once you have readied your RV for a weeklong trip, you’d realize that space is a rare commodity there. You need to be smart about your RV accessories and other items to make sure that it doesn’t get claustrophobic inside, and you don’t have to leave anything behind.

A set of collapsible kitchen accessories make it easier for you to organize and store, and are washable and safe for microwave ovens. You want these kitchen essentials to not miss out on comfortable meal preps and eating.

These items must be at the top of your essential RV accessories list and you’ll thank us once you realize how important they are for RVing and camping.

Bialetti Express Moka Pot

Lightweight and sturdy
Makes up to 6 cups at a time
Very easy to clean
Steel and brass construction

Only coffee lovers know the importance of a coffee maker, especially when in a secluded area and craving to have a cup of nicely brewed espresso.

Your RV’s electrical setup is usually capable of supporting such electronic appliances, and if you want a home-like experience away from, write down this item on your Best RV Accessories list.

Get a coffee maker that’s compatible with your RV’s battery, is lightweight, and makes enough coffee for everyone on board.

VBENLEM Outdoor Camping Kitchen 3 Zippered Bags

Aluminum construction
Velcro straps for holding and adjustment
Storage boxes for cutlery
Easy setup, under 5 minutes

You have got everything onboard, now you just need a place to prepare and cook your food. Although some RVs do have a dedicated pantry most of them don’t come with one and you need to get one yourself.

A portable kitchen should be lightweight, collapsible, have enough storage and organizing area, and be made of durable material. Though you’d need a burner and stove separately for cooking, the portable kitchen should take care of everything else.

This versatile RV portable kitchen gives you the freedom of storing your cutlery, preparing your meals and coffee, and organizing your stuff, without taking any extra space and folds down into a bag for easy carriage.

Outdoor and Camping Accessories

Coleman Outdoor Folding Table

Aluminum foldable frame
Can be setup within 2 minutes
Rust-resistant and highly sturdy

You would definitely want to enjoy some snacks and have a nice family time outside your RV. For a comfortable sitting experience and enjoying your meals, get a retractable camping table and a set of chairs for everyone.

You would want these items to be lightweight and compact. Easy to use and carry without any hassle or requiring any tools.

CGEAR The Original Sand-Free Outdoor Camping Mat

Heavy duty D rings for securing
Water and sand-proof
Highly durable and tear-resistant
4 different sizes

No picnic or camping trip is complete without an outdoor sheet. Want to enjoy a nice meal? Have fun board games? Or just chill lying on the ground? You’d need a quality outdoor sheet.

Kids and pets would also love to have a sheet to set up their toys and have a great time. Making it one of the most important RV accessories to have in your luggage.

CAREFREE 701509ACD RV Awning

Multiple zippers for adjustment
Open weave technology
Compatible with all the trailers
Metal poles and frame

No matter how shiny the day was when you woke up, the weather could take a 180o turn in the afternoon and you would not want to get wet or have your nice setup outdoor pantry get destroyed.

Get a pair of foldable awnings and have yourself nice protection, not just against the rain but also when the sun is scorching hot in the summers

Royal Gourmet CC1830SC Charcoal Grill

Porcelain layered steel wires
2-Level height adjustment
Temperature monitor
Propane powered

How are you gonna cook your meals and grill that steak if you don’t carry a reliable burner/grill with you? Another must-have camping accessory when preparing a list for your RV is an outdoor grill.

You should ideally get a propane-powered grill that’s covered from all sides and is made of sturdy material as well. A collapsible grill would be an ideal choice as it would save a lot of space when going into the storage of your RV.

CLAM Quick-Set Pavilion 12.5 x 12.5 Foot Portable Pop-Up Outdoor Camping Gazebo Screen Tent

Rain and wind-blocking panels
Comes with internal storage options
Can be erected in 60 seconds
Accommodates 8 people comfortably

Get yourself some extra camping space and have a nice experience outside with friends with a clam tent. Enjoy your meals, watch a movie, or play cards while being protected from sunlight and having proper ventilation as well.

It is very easy to set up and packs quite seamlessly as well. Lightweight and compact, it won’t cause any trouble when packing your stuff in the RV.

RV Essential Tools and Rescue Kits

MulWark 120pc Assorted Standard Auto Car Truck Blade Fuses Set

32-volt rating
Color coding for easy installation
Made of transparent PES and zinc alloy
Different amperage for all uses

The main electrical system and all the appliances on your RV come with a fuse, which ensures an adequate power supply. In case of a power surge, or any other issue, the main or secondary fuses in your RV could burn, rendering the electronic system useless.

To avoid any hassle while traveling or setting up your RV at the camping site, you should ideally pack a set of spare fuses with the other necessary gear.

Make sure that you buy a set of fuses with matching amperage and ones that are easy to install in your RV’s electronics.

EEZTire-TPMS Real Time/24×7 Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Built-in rechargeable battery
Can monitor up to 22 tires

Don’t expect to find a filling station or a tire shop anywhere near your adventure site, and once you’re traveling off the road, you’d need to adjust your RV’s tire pressure regularly.

AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Different warnings and indicators
Highly responsive sensors

You should ideally get a tire pressure monitoring system with a portable tire pressure gauge. This accessory shows you live pressure in your tires and also allows you to check with the gauge if the main screen is down.

This is rather an important item and a must-have RV accessory for hardcore Overlanders and off-roaders.

Crescent 180 Pc. Professional Tool Set

Packs a vast array of tools
Steel alloy construction ensures durability
Can be used with any vehicle or trailer
Package weighs just 19 lbs

A smart off-roader always prepares himself for a rainy day and the most important part of that is to have all the necessary tools and equipment to get out of trouble.

Whether it’s a loose bolt, broken hose, electrical malfunction, or engine repair, you’d need a toolset to perform any repairs on your RV, so it is a must-have item and not a luxury. When prepping for a trip, add a versatile toolkit to your necessary RV accessories list.

Nilight Tire Inflator Air Compressor

Comes with a digital display
Powerful compressor with Auto Shutoff
12V DC power
Measures tire pressure in different units

Thanks to modern technology, most equipment has become compact and you can now carry almost anything in your RV’s trunk. A problem like a flat tire could happen anywhere, more so in a barren territory, and you should be equipped to handle the problem.

You must pack a portable air compressor and a puncture repair kit in your RV. It plugs into the 12V outlet and tops up the air in the tires when required. A puncture repair kit consists of a gel solution that hardens after flowing inside the tire and is a quick fix for a punctured tire.

FlatOut Multi-Purpose Tire Sealant

Puncture repair gel flows aptly into all pores and surfaces
Cures automatically in a few minutes

Not a luxury, but a must-have RV accessory that you should have with your other camping gear.

NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp

Compatible with both gas and diesel
Lithium-ion batteries
Up to 4250A
Very lightweight and portable

Imagine traveling alone and getting stranded due to a dead battery. There would be no one to give you a jump start or even bring a spare battery for you.

A battery jumper is a super important item that should be on your best RV accessories list. It is compatible with almost all the batteries and gives you confidence when you get off the tarmac towards that scenic camping site.

It comes with a rechargeable battery and helps you jump-start your RV if you get stuck due to a dead battery.

Powerbuilt 3 Ton All-in-One Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Superb 3-tons load capacity
Jack stand and hydraulic jack in one unit
Safety lift and locks
Very rigid and durable

Needless to say that this item is so important that every manufacturer is obligated by law to add it to your factory toolkit. Most RVs come with a jack but if yours is missing one or you want something that’s easy to use and works in any situation, get a quality hydraulic jack.

When things go south, this jack would come to your rescue. All you need to do is place it underneath a firm metal part and let it do its job. Light in weight, compact, and easier to use, this is one of the essential RV accessories every camper should have in their inventory.

BLIKZONE Auto Roadside Emergency car kit

Comes with 81 essential tools
Value for money and fully loaded kit
All electronic equipment and tools included in the kit

Getting stuck or stranded in the wilderness is a camper’s worst nightmare, so one must go prepared if things go south.

Your RV could skid off a road patch, get stuck in a ditch, or have a head-on with an obstacle. Don’t keep waiting for help, pack this versatile emergency rescue kit with your luggage and be your own rescuer out there.

RV Comfort Accessories

Dream On Me Holly 3” Fiber Portable/Mini Crib Mattress

Perfect support and comfort
Bamboo charcoal foam
Welcoming odor

You wouldn’t want to sleep on a flimsy, itchy mattress after a long day of hauling and trekking. Get a collapsible/retractable mattress for your RV and enjoy a comfortable cozy sleep at night.

It comes with memory foam, and a removable cover, and is waterproof, in case you spill a drink while enjoying a late-night movie.

2- Portable fridge

VBENLEM Portable Refrigerator

20L capacity
12V power and a digital display
Advanced compressor refrigeration technology

Having chilled drinks and cold water is utterly important to have when boondocking and your friends would love to have their snacks stored in a fridge as well.

You should buy a portable fridge that runs on 12V power and has enough storage for all the drinks and other eatables.

Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater

Supports Wi-Fi
110 Volts and 1500-watts power
Can be mounted on the wall

If planning to get away from city life in winter, it is crucial to have a heating solution on board. Do not carry propane or diesel heaters as they produce harmful gases and are troublesome to carry along.

Get a quality electric heater and have yourself a cozy environment when RVing with friends in cold temperatures.

Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers for Home, 225 sq ft Mini Dehumidifier

Ultra lightweight
Removes up to 9 Oz of moisture
Consumes just 23W per hour
Auto Shutoff function

Are you planning to go camping in the East? Then get a dehumidifier as well. If you consider it a luxury item, you might be mistaken.

You’d be amazed to see how quickly and abundantly mold and mildew grow in the East and dehumidifier becomes a necessary camping accessory then. Don’t wait for the trouble to knock, be prepared for it and pack a quality dehumidifier that serves the purpose very well.

ETL 26781 White Body Spa Oxygenics Shower with 60″ Hose

Patented oxygen inclusion technology
Powerful propulsion
Anti-clogging nozzle with shutoff valve
Comes with a 60-inch hose

Most RVs that have a built-in shower are usually of poor quality and start leaking after a few trips. You would notice mold, cracks, and rusted metal parts in a few months and would want to get rid of them.

To make your life comfortable, get Oxygenics portable showerhead that comes with a strong pressure jet, ant-leak seals, shut-off valve, and patented technology for long-term durability. Enjoy your outdoor “getting fresh” time without any hassle or frustration.

Some Miscellaneous RV Accessories

An RV cover is a must-have item for camping, particularly if you plan to leave your RV parked and go for a stride in the hills. It is important from a security point of view and also keeps environmental hazards at bay. Get a well-made polypropylene RV cover, and keep it protected in all conditions.

To keep the water in your RV’s holding tanks from rotting, growing mildew, and fungus, treat holding tanks with proper solutions.

Simply add a few tablets to the tanks and you’re good to drive away on your trip.

It’s’ not going to be a 5-star outdoor experience in the wild and there are a lot of problems when you camp. Most infuriating of those are the flies and insects that could turn your happy outing into a sour trip.

Get your RV fumigated once a season and use physical insect repellants, such as mosquito nets and window covers for your protection.

Love star gazing? Want to take beautiful pictures of sceneries or want extra sleeping space atop your RV? You should get a quality rooftop tent.

SMRT has a Summit Suite rooftop tent that is sturdy in construction and comes with telescopic ladders, an awning, a comfortable mattress, and meshed windows for your splendid rooftop experience.

Fancy taking your bike along or traveling to a beach? If you don’t want to tow a payload for this purpose, it is better to get your RV equipped with a rack.

Not only does this give you extra storage space, but it also gives you the capability of carrying your sports items, bikes, and surfboards.

Don’t expect to find medical help or doctors in the wild to help you in an emergency. All you’ve got is your friends and yourself, so be prepared for any situation.

A first aid kit is an essential RV accessory and you should pack a fully-loaded emergency first aid kit, in case things go south on a camping trip.


It is great to have an RV but it’s more important to have it prepared for acing those perfect camping trips and Overlanding adventures. Hardcore boondockers know the importance of essential RV accessories and how they can transform an RV into a total game changer.

Whether it’s a weekend trip or a long journey away from urban life, you must prepare a list of the Best RV accessories and equip them with all the necessary items we just discussed. Have fun out there!

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