Best RV Awning Tie Downs

RVing is all fun and adventure until you have to deal with the pain that comes along. Off-roading and camping in an RV are not easy, especially when the weather turns foe.

An awning is an important accessory that most RV owners love to keep in their inventory. Of course, it’s great for rainy days and protects you from fierce summer sunlight but if the weather becomes inclement, it can damage the awning and it could become a liability.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your awning secure, we have a list of the best RV awning tie-downs for you. In this detailed piece, we have shared all the important details, features, and a list of top RV awning tie-downs for you, so keep up with us.

Top 5 Best RV Awning Tie Down on the Market

Your quest for the best RV awning tie-downs ends here. With so many options and shady marketing going on, it’s tough to know what’s the right product.

Do not worry! We have gathered a list of top-notch awning tie-downs for your RV, so take a look and pick the right product for your beloved motorhome.


AUGO RV Awning Tie Down

This awning tie-down by AUGO is one of the best you could get for your RV. It has extra gripping power, thanks to the ratchet system, and added stability by soft loops and bungee cords.

Not only the awning, but you could also use these tie-downs to secure other items as well. It has a superb break strength of 2,200 lbs, thanks to sturdy stitching and top-quality material used by the manufacturer. With nearly 750 lbs of load capacity, no awning is going to be a problem for this thing.

Safety locks and silicone coating on the hooks prevent scratching and keep the RV awning canvas in place. The ratcheting mechanics offer exceptional comfort and control, and the easy-grip shape makes handling simple.

Since the 1″ flexible netting fits all the surfaces and quickly locks into place, you can be sure confident that your awning is safe and secure. When you get to your destination and plan to unload everything, you can quickly release the latch, and the spring-assisted handles make the release seamless and simple.

No matter if you’re an Overlander, RVer, or boater, this awning tie-down will keep all the gear safe and secure, preventing it from rocking around and causing any kind of damage.

Important Features

  • Robust safety locks
  • Industry-leading 2,200 lbs break strength
  • The incredible load-bearing capacity of 733 lbs per ratchet
  • Dedicated bungee cords and soft loops
  • Robust and well-built
  • Doesn’t break or damage the body
  • Secure grip and superb loading capacity
  • A bit complex to use

Sunferno Awning Tie-Down Straps

If you’re looking to keep your awning and luggage secure while Overlanding or driving away in your RV, look no further than the Sunferno tie-down straps.

These top-quality straps come with 833 lbs of loading capacity which is enough for anything you want to carry with you, let alone keeping your awning firm and secure. The ratchet design is as such that it distributes the load evenly and comes with a break strength of 2,500 lbs. This should keep your gear and confidence secure at the same time.

The Sunferno straps also feature closed S-hooks on the straps that prevent the webbing from snapping or falling off. These straps are made of UV-resistant material, so they are quite strong and durable. You can use them with confidence because they have strong knitting patterns that make them incredibly resilient.

The installation process is quite seamless and once you get a nag of it, it becomes a routine for you. Adding Sunferno straps to your off-roading inventory can totally transform your RV ownership experience for good.

Important Features

  • The excellent load-bearing capacity of 833 lbs
  • 2,500 lbs break strength
  • Durable grip with closed S-hooks
  • Very robust knitting pattern.
  • Comes with a generous 15 feet long strap
  • Made of UV-resistant material for long-term serviceability
  • Class-leading strength and load capacity
  • Build quality is not of very high quality

Rhino USA RV Awning Tie Down

When it comes to keeping the awning secure during inclement weather, there are only a handful of gadgets that come close to a Rhino tie-down strap.

In the list of the best RV awning tie-downs, this one deserves special mention. Boasting an incredible 1700+ lbs load-bearing capacity, there’s no awning or shade that’s too heavy or troublesome for Rhino straps.

No matter how big or heavy your RV awning is, the Rhino strap has a break strength of 5,208 lbs, meaning there’s nothing this sturdy strap won’t handle.

The list of salient features on this awning tie-down kit includes Chromoly S-hooks for a strong grip, a durable poly mix canvas, and a coated steel ratchet for improved strength. You may feel confident knowing that the awning is securely fixed whether you’re in the backcountry or exploring the arctic.

With the four full bend s-hooks and four integrated safety clips included in this package, you can be confident that your awning will be secure at all times.

Its 8 ft long strap allows attachment with the awning of any size or length, and its 1.6-inch width guarantees a snug fit. Additionally, the provided hardware makes installation and removal simple.

Important Features

  • The considerable load-bearing capacity of 1763 lbs
  • Reliable break strength of 5,208 lbs
  • Superb strength with coated steel ratchet
  • Highly durable
  • S-hooks for firm attachment
  • The generous length of the strap
  • Some parts of the assembly could have better quality

Camco Awning Anchor Kit

The Camco awning tie-down strap is one of the most versatile and easy-to-use kits available on the market.

It features a unique pull tension mechanism that offers the perfect distribution of tension along the appliance, perfectly securing the luggage and keeping the awning firmly in place.

With generous weight capacity and break strength, you can totally rely on the Camco anchor kit for securing the awning, irrespective of the weather and climate conditions.

Another great feature in the Camco tie-down kit which is rare with other products is the spiral stake design. Spiral stakes are included in this kit for stable fixing into the ground. The benefit of spiral stakes is that they work well in any type of terrain and conditions. This is the main reason behind the Camco brand awning tie-downs being the most popular on the market.

Important Features

  • The weight-bearing capacity of nearly 800 lbs
  • Unique spiral stake design for firm anchoring
  • Break strength of 2,300 lbs exceeds that of the competitors
  • Easy to use and adapt despite varying circumstances
  • Highly durable
  • All the parts are robust and don’t rust at all
  • Might be suitable for very heavy-duty fastening

Rocket Straps RV Awning Tie Down Kit

Another great selection on the list is the Rocket Straps RV Awning Tie-Down Kit. Whether it’s heavy-duty towing or the need for keeping a huge awning in place, this product will take care of everything.

It boasts a superb 4,500 lbs of break strength that ensures long-term durability and gives confidence to RV owners. No matter if the awning on your RV is medium or large-sized, these strong tie-down straps will keep it secure.

It comes loaded with 4 soft loops and 4 ratchets and a very easy-to-use strap that makes the process super easy and seamless.

These straps have a load strength of 2500 lbs, so they can hold down even the biggest awnings and other RV extensions that you carry.  The soft loops also add tension and increase RV safety when anchored. The mechanism on these straps has rubber-coated J-shaped hooks for enhanced grip and damage protection.

It is simple to secure your awning tightly thanks to the ratchet handle’s ergonomic design and ease of usage. To guarantee that the straps will hold up under even the toughest circumstances, metal hooks and sturdy fabric are used in construction.

Important Features

  • Considerably long 15’ spiral stake with 1.5” width
  • 4,500 lbs of break strength
  • Especially designed J-hooks
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy-to-use ratchets
  • Durability with long-term reliability
  • Very sturdy grip and great load-bearing capacity
  • The quality of metal parts could be better

Final Word

Awnings are one of the most versatile and important accessories that RV owners should own, most importantly because these are quite practical and very useful.

You don’t wanna be hanging by a thread when camping in your RV and that’s why you should pack an awning. To ensure that your awning remains secure in all types of weather conditions, you must secure it properly with a tie-down strap. We have given you a comprehensive list of the best RV awning tie-downs, keeping all the important factors and considerations in mind. You must learn how to use these straps properly and get a high-quality product for durability and long-term usage.

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