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An RV, or recreational vehicle, is a classy mode of transportation that includes several amenities similar to those found in a home. It is a big vehicle that is used to make long journeys exciting and enjoyable. People enjoy traveling and discovering new locations in RVs, which are specially designed for camping and come equipped with facilities like bathrooms, kitchens, and sleeping areas. These vehicles are very cost-effective since they allow passengers to stay inside while on a tour rather than having to pay for a hotel room.

However, a motorhome or recreational vehicle (RV) is an expensive vehicle because it offers you massive facilities. So, it is essential to maintain it and protect it from extreme weather conditions, particularly in the winter to keep it safe from ice, snow, and wind. An RV owner needs to protect his vehicle to lengthen its lifespan. Shelters, coverings, and skirts are useful for protecting RVs.

The top brands and types of RV skirting will be discussed in this article. But first, let’s understand why people require RV skirting. Let’s start!

Reasons to Use RV Skirts

RV skirting is used to cover the bottom of an RV and help protect it from extreme weather, just like a cover is used to protect a vehicle’s exterior and upper portion. The bottom of your trailer or RV is covered by a piece of material called an RV winter skirting. It helps in preventing wind and cold air from entering below the camper.

We are going to discuss a few reasons why people use RV skirting. Let’s have a look!

Prevents Damages

The primary function of RV skirts is to protect the vehicle’s bottom from a variety of problems. RV skirting can protect the vehicle from harm caused by rocks, animals, and other things. It can help avoid water damage by preventing water from gathering beneath the RV. As a result, it is the best form of protection you can give your RV to stop severe damage.

Saves Money on Propane

Another reason to skirt your RV is that it conserves propane and keeps the entire RV warmer. RV skirting keeps the area beneath the floor warmer, making the interior of your RV much cozier. Hence, less propane is burned as you don’t need to turn on the furnace as much when your RV is warmer. You will use the heater less frequently which will save you money.

Resale Purpose

Another perk of protecting your RV is that it will already be in good condition if you ever decide to sell it. Therefore, you won’t have to spend money on its maintenance and wear and tear. Statistics show that While there have been significant fluctuations in the number of new recreational vehicle registrations in France over the past ten years, the comparable numbers for used recreational vehicle registrations have shown an upward trend between 2008 and 2021. With 71,218 registrations, 2021 had the largest number of second-hand recreational vehicle registrations.

Hence, to avoid the owner having to spend a lot of money on upkeep, these RVs must also be preserved for resale purposes.

Storage Area

 RV skirting can be used to cover and safeguard places under the RV where storage items like gas tanks and sewage pipes are kept. It offers you just a little bit of additional interior space for chilly and windy days. Moreover, it will be simpler to keep your RV outside rather than in an expensive heated, and enclosed RV storage facility.

Prevents Freezing

In the winter season, it is important to skirt your RV because it helps in protecting the pipes and tanks of your RV as it prevents water from freezing. There is a high chance that they could freeze when the temperature drops below freezing. Your pipes or tanks may sustain cracks or other damage when the water inside a frozen pipe expands.

These were a few reasons to use RV skirts in winter. Now let’s explore the best RV skirts in winter!

The Best Types of RV Skirts for Winter

Your recreational vehicle (RV) can be covered with various types of RV skirting to keep it warm during the winter. Whatever type you choose, it is more important to place it and install it properly and correctly to make sure it is efficient in protecting from cold to your RV. A few types of RV shirts for winter are:

Vinyl RV Skirts

This type of skirting is made of tough vinyl that is temperature and moisture-resistant. It may be fastened to the sides of your RV with screws or glue, and it is simple to maintain and clean. Though vinyl skirting is quite expensive they are more durable so it is a long-term investment. Vinyl skirts are best in winter.

Metal RV Skirts

Metal skirting is considered best for winter months. This type is made of steel or aluminum. Therefore, the metal skirting is intended to be strong and long-lasting. The fact that it can sustain the weight of the snow without collapsing makes it a smart alternative for RVs that are parked in regions with frequent snowfall.

Snow RV Skirts

When it comes to skirting an RV in the winter, we also have a fantastic choice. Guess what? You can make the RV skirting yourself. Isn’t it amazing? Without a doubt, making your snow skirts will help you save a lot of money. Snow could be used as a DIY skirting solution if you have enough for the duration of your winter camping vacation. To finish, simply build a snowdrift around the vehicle. Use a thick foam board underneath the snow for better results.

Insulated RV skirts

Insulated skirting helps keep the heat inside your RV and the cold outside by being constructed of thick, insulated material. It normally consists of a foam and cloth mixture and comes in a range of hues and patterns.

Best Brands of RV Skirts

RV skirting comes from a wide variety of manufacturers, and which one is best for you will depend on your requirements and preferences. Here we are going to introduce you to the top brands of RV skirts. Have a look!

EZ Snap

A fantastic choice is EZ Snap RV skirting. This brand manufactures a range of RV skirting items, including fabric, vinyl, and insulated skirting. An EZ Snap skirt is supplied in a kit, which you will measure and assemble on your own. Kits are available in a range of sizes. Then it is your responsibility to attach fasteners, cut the fabric according to your measurements, and hang the skirt after selecting the one that is suggested for your vehicle.

EZ snap has a very good reputation for creating high-quality, long-lasting products and offers a variety of sizes to match various types of RVs.


Another well-known company that produces a variety of RV skirting items, such as vinyl, fabric, and metal skirting, is ADCO. Their materials are renowned for being strong and long-lasting, and they provide a huge choice of sizes and colors to pick from.


RV skirting of the finest quality is available from AirSkirts. They are easy to install and take only a few minutes to complete. The key is a set of inflated tubes that, by using pressure to stay put, form an enclosed undercarriage for your RV. By using air as an insulator, AirSkirts can retain heat or cold up to 75% better than conventional skirts. Furthermore, AirSkirts save you money in warm weather all year long.


When considering the brands for RV skirting, Camco is a famous one. Skirting is one of the popular RV accessories made by Camco. Their products are renowned for being simple to install and maintain. They provide a variety of skirting alternatives, including insulated and vinyl skirting.

RV Armor

A reputable company, RV Armor, produces a range of RV skirting products, including vinyl and insulated skirting. They also provide a variety of sizes and colors to pick from, and their products are renowned for being of excellent quality and simple to install.

Summing Up

To use your recreational vehicle for an extended period, maintenance and protection are essential. To protect them against extreme weather conditions, it is crucial to take all necessary precautions. If you travel during the winter, you must protect your RV against snow, ice, and wind, which can seriously harm the RV. Utilizing RV skirting is strongly advised for this purpose. Your RV’s bottom is covered by the skirts, which protect it incredibly.

RV skirting keeps the area below the floor warmer by preventing air from entering. Moreover, they protect the vehicle from a variety of harms that animals and other potentially dangerous objects may cause. The best brands and a variety of RV skirt types have been discussed in this article. Selecting the RV skirting that best fits the type and size of your RV is now simple. In other words, RV skirting is all that you require for a safe and affordable trip.

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