7 Best Trailer Tents & Folding Campers

With summers about to pack up and a pleasant season upon us, everybody is gearing up to discover those mystique landscapes and stretch their camping muscles. For decades, people have used campers and RVs to travel away from cities into the wilderness and enjoy the serenity of solitude, but as technology has progressed around us, compactness is the need of the hour.

Though comfortable and utterly luxurious, motorhomes and RVs are just too huge to take to those tough trails and hillsides, and the max you could do with them is boondocking. Just like cars and trucks are becoming compact and smart in design, manufacturers are trying to bring back the trend of campers and tent trailers.

There are a variety of trailer tents and folding campers that are taking the off-roading and Overlanding to the next level, and what you could only dream of with a motorhome, a compact trailer is now capable of offering all that, just in a smaller, more compact package.

If you’re looking to explore the world of trailer tents and folding campers, and want to know how these versatile machines are totally changing the game, you’re at the right place. Let’s get into the details of off-road camping trailers and understand why they are becoming so popular, with some top examples from the market.

Folding campers and trailer tents are essentially modified forms of towing trailers that have been equipped with folding tent tops, retractable accessories, and equipment to make them more outdoor-friendly. Though not as big and comfy as a full-fledged RV, but these trailers and campers offer everything you’d want on your Overlanding or camping trip, just in a compact style.

The reason they are becoming so hot is because of the freedom and utility that they offer. You don’t have to look at the terrain and weather or your supplies while planning a trip with these trailers at your disposal. Being lightweight and compact, you could tow them with your regular truck or SUV, and pack all your gear and luggage without any hassle.

The most striking thing about these trailers is their versatility and onboard equipment, as the majority of these machines come loaded with a fridge, kitchen, stove, huge water storage, power source, and much more. With all this luxury and superb maneuverability, no terrain is hard enough and no destination is unreachable if you pick the right camping trailer.

Best Trailer Tents and Folding Campers on the Market Right Now

Now that we have established the fact that camper trailers are the new hotcakes in the off-roading and camping genre, let’s explore some of the best options available to you. The best trailer tents and folding campers on our list would totally change your perception about off-roading and Overlanding and offer a splendid experience that you’d never have imagined without a motorhome before.

With so many accolades to its name, Opus has a great machine for off-roading enthusiasts. You might mistake it for a simple hauler at a first glance but don’t get fooled by the deceptive looks. It has everything that your huge RV might possess, and that too at half the price and size.

The trailer uses state-of-the-art air beam technology to inflate the tent top, in just under 5 minutes, while you can set up other accessories and prepare your coffee. To give you confidence on tough terrains, it comes with a galvanized aluminum-steel chassis, a rugged trailing arm suspension, and all-terrain tires wrapped around alloy wheels to offer suitable ground clearance. You can choose between 3 different chassis types, and customize it as per your needs.

There are tons of storage options and every part you touch would have some purpose. Nothing about this trailer is ordinary and the list of accessories and equipment is never ending, so with this folding camper at your service, you’d enjoy a 5-star outdoor and camping experience. Whether it is chilled winters, scorching summers, or fall, you’d have the luxury of all that you could imagine, including a kitchen, fridge, chiller, inverter, shower, and dependable water supply.


  • AC and a heat pump
  • Onboard OPUS cinema
  • Fridge, stove, and burners
  • 2x double beds
  • Galvanized chassis with rugged trailing arm suspension and E-brakes
  • Solar setup and inverter with 2x batteries
  • Multiple interior and exterior storage areas

This flagship product from Pennine outdoor is a portable home and nothing less. Made of robust materials and equipped with tons of features, you’d never get bored or have to look for anything else when lying under Pathfinder.

It features a sturdy frame with an acrylic tent top that’s easy to set up and comes with a stabilizer as well. All-weather protection is guaranteed with breathable material that’s resistant to mildew and fungus as well. On the inside, you get a wraparound sitting area with 2 dedicated sleeping spots and a king-size bed. There’s plenty of storage with cupboards and slide-out drawers in abundance.

The chassis is built specifically for tough locations and comes with a sturdy suspension and alloy wheels for durability and good road clearance. You get a central heating system with a cassette toilet, shower area, stove with propane burners, fridge, and an entertainment setup of TV and music. When this trailer transforms from a hauler into a luxury tent, you would be amazed by what you’ve got at your disposal.


  • Cassette toilet with shower area
  • Stove with burners – slide-out kitchen
  • The integrated central heating unit
  • 2x sleeping units and a wraparound sitting area
  • A fridge and entertainment system
  • Rugged chassis with alloy wheels and suspension

OBi Campers is not a new name in the off-roading and camping industry and thanks to the quality of its trailers, enthusiasts love it. OBi Graveler is a new product that takes trailer tents to next level, with its rugged build and equipment, exceptional features, and onboard amenities.

Like other folding campers, it looks sober on first look but as soon as you deploy it, it becomes a totally different thing. Featuring a galvanized aluminum chassis with independent suspension and stabilizing bar, no surface is too hard to traverse. It comes with a retractable rooftop tent with 3 different entry points and a telescopic ladder for easy access.

The list of amenities includes a galley kitchen with a slide-out refrigerator, propane burner stoves, a shower unit with a 21-gallon water supply, a power setup with 2 100AH batteries, and a comfortable sleeping space. There are multiple storage spaces with some lockable cubbies as well, for extra security.


  • Slide-out pantry with fridge
  • Retractable awning with height adjustment
  • Galley kitchen
  • 21-gallon water storage
  • Highly robust galvanized frame with stabilizer bars

As the name suggests, this camper trailer by Isabella is for those who’re passionate about camping Overlanding. Although it doesn’t have so many amenities as other folding campers, it is more of a robust stand-tall trailer that houses 4-6 people with ease and converts from a box of metal into a pile of happiness in under 10 minutes.

It comes with a galvanized chassis and reinforced metal bars throughout to support the huge structure. Space and comfort are the portfolios of this trailer and you get plenty of both. It has dependable water storage, and luggage space, and comes with a kitchen for your pantry requirements. If you’re a hardcore camper who just wants a space over his head and want no fancy items in a sturdy package, Isabella Camp-let passion should be the first on your wish list.


  • Veranda bar
  • Plethora of storage spaces and options
  • Deluxe kitchen
  • Robust frame with the rugged construction of all the parts
  • Easy to set up and collapse for seamless usability

The F6 trailer by FORT Campers is a living personification of “great things come in small packages”. This compact trailer has everything that a huge folding trailer might possess, yet it’s so compact and smart.

It comes with a rugged steel-aluminum chassis, independent suspension, and alloy wheels to offer off-road durability and perfect ground clearance. Hidden in the plain sight is a galley kitchen with an option of a fridge, made of top-quality bamboo. You also get multiple storage areas, a propane stove with burners, and the trailer top ready to be equipped for luggage or a rooftop tent.

Additionally, you also get a water heater for winter showers, and a solar setup with an inverter to charge your phones and keep your appliances running non-stop. With F6, you’d never miss any opportunity of exploring the backcountry and still enjoy a top-notch experience.


  • Victron inverter with AGM batteries
  • 6-gallon water heater
  • Dedicated pantry with a fridge
  • 50 u-ft of storage
  • Rugged chassis with wheels and all-terrain tires
  • Rooftop tent for 2

Another great folding camper on the list is Trigano Camprider. This versatile trailer comes with two-berth space with storage, sitting, and bedding for 4. Enjoy a seamless indoor environment with breathable fabric and acrylic top, and a spacious comfortable interior, that too in the wilderness of unforgiving outdoors.

You would also get a complete kitchen setup with assorted drawers and a countertop for prep. A complete package of propane-powered burners and a stove augmented by freshwater supply to take care of your cooking needs. The camper is very easy to maneuver and use, thanks to its one-step setup and perfect departure angle with dependable ground clearance.

With enough onboard storage, spare tire, toolkit, and everything else that you need, your camping and Overlanding adventures are going to get fun with Trigano Camprider.


  • Easy One-Step setup
  • Aluminum-steel frame with reinforced metal rods
  • Plenty of storage options and boxes
  • A dedicated water pump for non-stop water supply
  • Dedicated pantry with drawers
  • Allow wheels with all-terrain tires

This foldable camper is the perfect choice for anyone who indulges in a lot of outdoor activities and needs internal storage space, a rugged build, and space for a big family, and is also great for someone who wants a huge indoor/outdoor living area to be able to unwind completely.

The Mercury by Cabanon features a sun canopy with integrated wind barriers and an incredibly big awning. No matter how bad or rough the weather is, nothing would stop you from living the outdoor life with this mean machine.

There is no reason not to hit the road and go exploring the backcountry and national parks because the Mercury has a sizable payload that allows you to pack anything and yet tow it with practically any car. The list of options that you could get with Cabanon is also quite versatile and if you’re not a fan of fancy equipment and just want a reliable shade over your head and a comfortable spot, this should be your top choice.


  • Optional kitchen with a 3 burner hob
  • Multiple ventilation points with mesh
  • Different storage spaces and cupboards
  • Solid framed with dependable suspension and wheels


After a long hiatus, compact trailer tents and folding campers have made a comeback and this generation of off-roaders has welcomed them with open arms. The new crops of trailers and campers are unlike anything we had seen before and with such a strong promise, they are here to stay and flourish.

Featuring a strong chassis, solid suspension and overall body, luxury amenities, and space for all, the best trailer tents and folding campers are ousting the RVs and motorhomes from the scenario. As we mentioned, there’s nothing that’s left to the imagination with these compact and well-equipped trailers, and with the right decision, you’d fall in love with trailer camping and off-roading, thanks to the utility and ease that they offer. Pick any of our favorite trailer tents and folding campers and you wouldn’t regret getting off the road.


Some things to consider before purchasing a trailer tent or folding camper include the size of the vehicle, the weight, and the type of terrain you will be using it on. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the model you choose is compatible with your car.

The different types of trailer tents and folding campers include pop-up models, semi-permanent models, and fully permanent models. Pop-up models are the most affordable option but they are also the most difficult to set up. Semi-permanent models are more expensive but are easier to set up. Fully permanent models are the most expensive but they offer the most features and amenities.

The best places to buy a trailer tent or folding camper include camping stores, online retailers, and classified ads. Camping stores will often have a wide selection of models to choose from but they can be more expensive than other options. Online retailers typically have lower prices but it can be difficult to know if you are getting a good deal. Classified ads can be a great way to find deals on used models but it is important to inspect the vehicle before making a purchase.

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