Forest River RV Water System Diagram

It’s not called a motorhome for no reason. RVs are miniature homes on wheels with all the amenities you need, most importantly, a reliable water supply.

An RV water system or plumbing is not much different from what you have at your residence. The basic idea is the same, to get the water from the source via a piping infrastructure to different locations, including the toilet, kitchen, and other outlets.

Let’s take a look at the Forest River RV water system and explore everything in this detailed article.

How Does Water System Work in an RV?

The plumbing in an RV has an almost similar layout and uses the same mechanism that we are used to, at our homes.

There is a water source, which is usually the water tank or direct plumbing from a pipeline. It is then distributed to showers, taps, and faucets via pipelines and hoses. Water is propelled via a water pump which is the heart of the RV water system. Some manufacturers also add heating elements and other upgrades to plumbing and RV water system.2

The water is then flushed to the grey water tank or is directly disposed of by draining.

Components of Forest River RV Water System

Much like any other motorhome, Forest River RVs have some basic parts that constitute the plumbing. You ought to know all these parts and how to maintain them, so repairs and troubleshooting are seamless.

  • Water pump – This is the heart of any water system and the plumbing won’t work without a suitable pump. It consists of a motor that propels water from the reservoir to the pipeline and hoses.
  • Water Tanks – There are three different types of water tanks on any RV. Fresh water, grey water, and black water tanks, all of which act as reservoirs.
  • Piping – Pipes and hoses transmit water from the tanks to different faucets and taps.
  • Valves – Valves control the flow of water through the pump and pipes, and also the outlets.
  • Extra Features – These are additional amenities that your manufacturer might add, including a water heating unit or built-in filtration system.

Standard RV Water System Schematic

This simple illustration shows how the standard plumbing of an RV is laid out. It gives you a basic idea of what is involved in RV plumbing and a pictorial description of its functioning.

Due to differences in design and other features, only a schematic and not the exact blueprint is shown, as it differs depending on the RV manufacturer, the floor design, and other aspects.

One can also distinguish that this plumbing schematic shows the bypass and its usual location. Not all RVs come equipped with this but if you’re going for Forest River RV, it is likely to come equipped with one.

You can also learn from this diagram where to add the RV anti-freeze when required. After looking at this illustration, diagnosis, troubleshooting, and repairs of the RV water system shouldn’t be a problem.

Forest River RV Toilet Plumbing Diagram

This simple diagram sheds some light on the basic scheme of your Forest River RV toilet plumbing layout.

Although it is not so simple and straightforward in actuality, the basic idea is the same. It is important to note that the black water tank is in close vicinity of the flush system located away from the freshwater tank.

The tap and shower faucets are connected to the greywater tank and empty into the black water tank. If your RV has 2 toilets or additional options, like a cassette toilet, this diagram is going to differ slightly, due to additional piping and other components.

RV Hot Water Piping Layout

With so much going on underneath the skin of your RV, it could become difficult to keep track of everything or have an eidetic image in your mind. Nonetheless, an RV owner must know the hot water system of his motorhome in detail, to avoid any mishaps in winter outings.

The hot water pipes in this diagram can be seen in orange color. Notice how the freshwater tank feeds the heater and it then distributes the hot water where required. It must be distinguished that the hot water pipes snub the toilet and some other unimportant faucets where you don’t need warm water.

You could also control the temperature using thermostat settings, a feature available on all modern RVs, especially Forest River motorhomes.

Forest River RV Water System Diagram

Every manufacturer has its own way of designing products and equipment. The Forest River RV, like any other motorhome, has a basic water system hidden underneath the chassis.

The diagram shows the different parts of the plumbing of a Forest River RV, and some of its extensions. If this doesn’t correspond exactly to the model that you own, it is ideal that you contact the manufacturer and get your hands on the official blueprint.

The structure and overall layout are the same but be sure that the parts used by Forest River are highly sturdy and you won’t be needing a replacement or repair on your beloved motorhome that frequently.


One thing ought to be obvious when looking at different diagrams and schematics of RV water systems. Forest River RV water system is also simple and straightforward to fix, thanks to all the elaborative diagrams.

Where the RV manufacturers install crucial connectors, valves, and pipes is what makes them challenging, and requires special attention. RV manufacturers must make the most of the limited space they have available so that there is space left over for cables and other essential RV components. If you cannot find the exact schematics of your Forest River RV water system, you should get in touch with your manufacturer.

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