How Do I Keep My RV Battery Charged When in Storage?

A battery is one sole thing that starts your RV and powers every appliance that it is equipped with. Your RV won’t even move an inch if its battery is discharged or not kept in perfect shape.

Unlike other components on your RV, the battery is a very expensive and delicate part that requires meticulous care and regular maintenance to stay fit and provide you with enough power for your onboard appliances and normal functioning.

An RV battery would lose its efficiency and lifespan if left to sit and discharged for a long period. It would also be a headache to get it back up and running like before, so it is imperative that it is never let die and is charged regularly.

When you plan to leave your RV to sit in the garage or some sort of storage, it is important that the battery is continuously charged on regular basis, and maintained properly. Let’s understand how you can do that, and prolong the lifespan and overall efficiency of your RV’s battery.

How You Can Keep Your RV battery Charged in Storage

By following a few simple steps, you would be able to keep your RV’s battery in good condition, while keeping it charged on regular basis. Even when not in use, the RV battery must be kept charged, so it can serve you well when you need it.
Disconnect the Battery Terminals
Most probably your RV’s battery won’t be in use when it’s in storage, but you should still disconnect it. The ideal way is to disconnect the terminals and there would be no current flowing through the circuit. But just to make sure and prevent any idle leakage of charge, disconnect all the wires or connections and remove the switches of all the appliances.

A fully charged battery that’s not losing any power should last a good while and keep its integrity intact for a long time.
Store the Battery in a Cool and Dry Place
The storage environment is vital for your RV’s battery and placing it in a cool, dry area prolongs its lifespan and prevents accelerated discharge. If there’s dampness or humidity in the environment, and the temperature is either too cold or too hot, the battery would get corroded, lose its charge very quickly, and deteriorate at an accelerated rate.

Dry storage, such as a well-ventilated garage is quite suitable for placing your disconnected RV battery.
Get a Trickle Charger
No matter how well you maintain it and how you prevent it from discharging, the RV battery would need to be recharged on a regular basis, or else it would be as good as useless when you try to restart your RV next season.

The trickle charger provides a stable and continuous charge to the battery and prevents it from dying when in storage.
Watch the battery’s Level
To make sure that the battery is charged regularly and has not died, you’d have to monitor its charging level regularly. If it’s too low or getting discharged quickly, you’ll need to charge it again and probably replenish the battery electrolyte as well.

This would ensure that the battery remains healthy and its lifespan is enhanced.
Keep the Battery Clean and Restored
Throughout this endeavor, you’d also have to keep an eye on the battery’s terminals and water level. If you find any signs of corrosion or rust, get the battery cleaned immediately and restore the level of electrolyte.

Charging the RV Battery with Solar Panels

There’s no better way than keeping your RV battery charged than a setup of solar panels. With portable solar panels available in the market, you could aptly use a suitable solar panel setup to charge your RV battery.

It also gets rid of the trickle charger or requirement of any other source of power to keep the RV battery charged. Solar panels are the smartest choice, as you could carry them along on your trips later on and exclude any generators from your luggage.

Apart from charging your battery, you could also use this setup to power other appliances and add power to the grid, in spite of paying for it and wasting your money, just to keep the RV battery charged for later use.

Maintaining Your RV Battery

Charging and storage aside, your RV battery would be good for nothing if it is not maintained properly and would discharge quickly. To enhance its lifespan and ensure a steady supply of power, make sure you practice this meticulous maintenance routine with your RV battery:

  • Keep a watchful eye on the battery’s charge level when stored and keep it topped up.
  • Clean its terminals regularly to avoid corrosion and rusting.
  • Look for cracks or any kind of damage to the battery.
  • Make sure that water level and electrolytes are not low.
  • Maintain the temperature of the storage area and don’t let the battery get under direct sunlight.
  • Keep the battery disconnected as long as it’s not in use.


If your battery remains connected, its charge keeps depleting and all the connected appliances and accessories keep drawing power from it. Hence, it quickly loses its charge and becomes depleted.

Attaching your battery to a setup of solar panels is the most economical, eco-friendly, and long-term viable method of keeping the battery charged. You could use the solar panels for other purposes, apart from carrying them on your trips as well.


The most frequent problem is that the majority of RV owners don’t disconnect their batteries before storing them, resulting in a number of issues, such as a decrease in lifespan and an accelerated loss of charge. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your RV battery in good condition while it’s sitting in storage.

With the right care and proper management, your RV batteries may endure for many years. You will be able to lessen your dependency on conventional power sources by employing solar panels to maintain your battery’s charge and overall condition. Follow our detailed guide to keep your RV’s battery in mint condition and serve you for years to come.

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