How Old Do You Have to be to Rent an RV

The popularity of RVs has exploded in recent times and there seems to be no end in sight to people’s insatiable desire to get their hands on an RV. Recreational vehicles, better known as RVs have been selling & renting out in record numbers ever since the pandemic which is giving the manufacturers and rental companies a hard time in keeping up with the demand. The sense of freedom bestowed by RVs has propelled people to rent them if they are unable to afford one.

However, before you get yourself all prepared to rent an RV it is important that you read our detailed answer to one of the most frequently asked questions “how old do you need to be to rent an RV?”. So, let’s get started.

How Old You Must be to Rent an RV?

The majority of the state laws have a consensus on how old an individual needs to be to rent an RV. Therefore, individuals of age 21 or above are allowed to drive an RV, though exceptions exist. Some states such as Texas tend to be cautious in this regard which is why they have set the age limit at 25 to legally operate an RV. Now that we have covered the states’ law requirements, it is time to cover the requirements of RV rental companies.

When venturing to rent an RV, the story doesn’t end with the state laws. You’ll also have to take into account the requirements of rental companies. Rental companies, being private entities, are given some leeway to decide the age limits for renting RVs, though, they can never sublet their RVs below the minimum age requirement set by the states. Understandably, many have set an age limit of 25 years, whereas others allow 21-year-old individuals to rent as well. The logic behind 25 years of age is that many RV companies want to ensure that their pricey motorhomes will be treated with respect and that there’ll minimal chances of any unwanted events involving their RVs. For people aged 21-24, there’s a good chance that the rental company may ask for a premium (in form of additional insurance cover) to rent an RV. This play-safe strategy provides them with a protective cover in case something goes haywire.

Upper Age Limit

Since we have covered the lower age limit to rent a campervan/RV, the upper age limit also deserves a mention. The broadly accepted upper age limit is 75 years, which means you’ll be able to rent a motorhome even if you are 75 years 363 days old. This age cap used to be limited to 70 years, but more and more companies are now letting people up to 75 years of age sublet their RV. Though, this age cap comes with a catch, albeit an understandable one. Drivers of such an age are generally required to show they have taken and passed their test no more than 2 years ago and have a relatively clean track record.

Best RV Rental Companies

Learning how to rent an RV is just one small step, the next step is to look for the best companies in the business. With a multitude of options available in the market, it can become quite tricky to pick the right option. Fortunately, we have gone through the hassle of researching & enlisting some of the best names in the business for you. Mentioned below are our top picks:

Cruise America
The Arizona-based Cruise America is one of the oldest names in the business. The company has made its name over the years, and it now prides itself as America’s Rental Experts. So far, the customer reviews have been encouraging as well which makes Cruise America a safe bet for you to rent RVs.
The story of RVshare begin in 2012 when a newly-wed couple had no ideal platform to rent out their RV. Fast forward to 2022, Rvshare’s sweeping success has made it an emerging leader in the industry. The company provides a wide variety of RV-related services and has a presence across the entire nation.
Escape Campervans
The relatively small name in the herd is famous for its beautiful “escape” vehicles that are adorned with beautiful artwork. The brand aims to provide an escape route to exhausted people through its bare-minimum but quirky offerings. Over the years, Escape Campervans has accumulated thousands of happy campers which is a testament to its quality vehicles and services.
Often touted as the Airbnb of RV rentals, Outdoorsy provides convenient RV rental services and at the same time allows RV-owners to earn an extra buck by renting out their vacant campervans. The constant backup of friendly customer service provided by Outdoorsy makes your adventures hassle-free.
El Monte RV
El Monte has found another great way to allow people to enjoy the RV experience to the fullest. Enabling people to do a one-way trip without the inconvenience of returning the RV; the company provides the added advantage of pet-friendly rentals. El Monte may not have a pristine customer service track record, but it is a worthy consideration for people seeking to rent an RV.

Tip to Rent an RV for Under-25 year Individuals

Recreational vehicles aren’t just reserved for millennials or retirees, they are becoming increasingly popular amongst Gen-Z as well. In fact, many have abandoned apartment living or expensive homes and made campervans their abode. The question of “How old does one need to rent an RV?” instantly disheartens people below 25 years of age, but you’ll be happy to know that there is still a way you can rent an RV.

RV rental companies need assurance that the driver of the RV will be above 25 years of age, so you can bring and use someone of your acquaintance as the driver and still enjoy the adventures an RV has to offer. However, lying about your age or using a fake ID is never a recommended way to rent a campervan.


A regular driver’s license is all you need to rent an RV. However, it shouldn't be a temporary or provisional driver's license.

Generally, a driver's license and a credit card are sufficient to rent an RV. But sometimes it may be asked of you to produce a foreign passport (particularly if you are a foreign national), credit reference, or employment record. This is sometimes asked to ensure that you're capable of paying the rental and insurance charges.

Most rental companies have their insurance charges built into the rental charges, but some may ask you to refer to your insurance provider for insurance coverage. You may not need to acquire separate insurance for an RV if your current policy covers RVs as well.

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