How to Build a Bunk Bed Ladder for RV?

Do you have a bunk bed or are you planning to have it? If yes, then you must need a bunk bed ladder!

All ladders are absolutely different. They vary in materials and even styles. Some of them are quite adjustable and some are not. So, be careful while selecting it because the wrong one can be unsafe for your family.

With that said, we are going to discuss two ways for ladder building, one is dynamic and the other is formal. Both of them are suitable, as you can pick any of them according to your needs. All of you can create a bunk bed ladder for your loved ones by using the instructions provided below.

Have a look!

1.    Make a Bunk Bed Ladder with Rope

A rope is a very common material and is available almost everywhere. Luckily, there are numerous places and online stores that carry rope ladders. Consequently, it helps in saving time that you use in making the rope ladder from basic materials.

Follow these instructions to make the rope ladder for your bed effortlessly:

  • Begin with purchasing a rope ladder from anywhere you want. You do not need to build the ladder on your own except if you really want to.
  • The exact height measured from the bed is not needed because it’s easy to change the height of a rope ladder.
  • When you got your rope ladder, start building by placing it on the upper rail of the bed.
  • Mount it from the upper rail and also check how close you want it to be from the ground.       
  • After determining the height, remove the excess rope ladder from the end.
  • If the dowel is bigger for you then unbolt and adjust accordingly.                                 
  • When you get your desired spacing, tie secure knots of the rope at the ends. This will keep the dowel in its place.
  • Select the place where you want to mount it. After that, screw the hooks into the bunk bed as a safety measure.
  • In the end, tie the ladder from the hooks that you screw in the bunk bed.

Hopefully, the above instruction will assist you in setting up a rope ladder. Now, moving towards the other one!

2.    Build a Bunk Bed Ladder with Wood

If you want to make a formal ladder for your bed, then surely this approach is for you. The incredible part of this ladder is that it’s safe for your kids and family. But you still have to be careful while selecting the materials and steps to make your ladder.

Following are some of the basic steps:

  • Slope: Begin by measuring the height to confirm the slope. Cut two pieces of wood for ladder sides. These pieces should be 2×4 inches based on the height. Then, construct the desired sliding slope by keeping one side of the lumber in position in accordance with the bunk bed’s top rail.
  • Bottom Sides: Align two of the ladder’s sides to a 15-degree angle, then make a solid line from that place across the face. Cut along the angled line with the saw. Use sand on both sides of the ladder to make it completely smooth.
  • Top Sides: Place two sides on the ground and up against the bunk bed’s rail. Draw a straight line and mark the lumbers about 3 inches above the rail. Now cut off the tops according to measurements with the saw.
  • Rungs: Now, it’s time to prepare the rungs. Mark the length to trim the lumber into equal parts. The ladder’s length will decide the number of rungs you need. There are a few things to have in mind regarding the distance in the rungs, including the fact that you shouldn’t place them more than 12 inches apart in the middle. The center step spacing should be 10 inches.
  • Holes:  Make holes with the help of a drill to the places you mark for rungs. The holes depend on the number of rungs.
  • Screws: Set 3 ½ inch screws in both holes. Set them from the outside, so the tips will not be shown from the inside.
  • Prime & Paint: Prime the ladder and wait until it dries. Then apply paint to your ladder. Select any color of your choice as there are no specifications regarding that.
  • Hooks: Create holes with the usage of a drill at the backside of the ladder. After drilling the holes, connect the hooks to them, also don’t forget to tighten the screws.

It’s all done now! If you make your ladder in accordance with the above instructions, then you’ll surely have a great ladder with a durable structure.

Important Tips for Building Your Own Ladder

  • When searching for a location to keep the ladder, be mindful of the level of the room you have. You’ll need some space for moving in the room and around the ladder. Give particular consideration to space.
  • The upper end shouldn’t be higher than the top bunk’s rail. You may definitely not like your kid to fall over the top step when getting in or out of the bunk.
  • Consider safety and firmly attach the ladder rail to the bunk bedpost.
  • To prevent damaging the material of your flooring, apply padding to the feet of the ladder. You will find a lot of padding materials options, almost everywhere. So, you’re your preferred one.
  • Give it some time. A robust ladder, accuracy, and decent aesthetics are all our priorities. If you lose focus, you may make blunders and possibly incur additional expenses on wood replacement.


Now, you can easily create a ladder for your bed using this guide. You only have to go through a number of stages to get the desired outcome. However, we suggest making the wood ladder as it’s more enjoyable, strong, and can be utilized for a significant period of time. But if you have a short time then you can go for a rope ladder.

All of you can now make a bunk bed ladder for your loved ones by saving a lot of energy and time.

Also, it can be smart to build your own bunk bed ladders if you are unhappy with the commercial versions. You can achieve the strong base and good appearance that you desire by using the above-mentioned approaches.

So, stop waiting and build your own ladder!


The parts and materials needed for ladder building are very common and easily available on amazon and other online stores. You can also purchase them from your nearby market and stores.

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