How to Check If RV TV Antenna & Cable Booster Are Bad

When we are about to watch our favorite TV program, we encounter certain problems. A bad signal reception, poor transmission quality or simply the screen drops and the TV stops working. Usually, the first thing to check before making a fuss is the antenna and the cable amplifier.

If it is not an electrical issue or the TV has broken down, the error is definitely there. Let’s check the TV antenna and the cable amplifier to solve the fault. For it, I leave you some information and recommendations that you must follow to solve it.

Methods to check if the TV antenna is wrong

There are several aspects to check in case something is wrong with your TV transmission. The antenna is one of the first devices to check. It could be that someone has moved it from its exact place of reception, or it could also be that the following has happened:


Check the antenna cable

The problem does not have to be the antenna itself. It may be the complement that helps it receive the signal: the cable. These types of connectors are extremely delicate, so a wrong move or a hard pull can cause it to break or disconnect from its ports.

Check the cable extension. Look for tears in its jacket, if it has been bent for a long time in any corner or if it has come unstuck along its entire length. Also, there is the option that its ends have become detached from the base; that is, there is no way to transmit if there is no signal continuity.


Problems with the distributor

The distributor is a device that has the task of sending the signal from one end to the other. Especially if there are several outlets, it divides it so that each outlet enjoys the signal. 

Ideally, this equipment should be sheltered, away from any external mobility. If so, I assure you that the fault is not there, but if it is out in the open without protection, do not hesitate to check with a technician.


The plugs or connectors of the TV have moved

The plugs are those very simple connectors that go on the back of the TV. They are directly linked to the antenna and are usually exposed. They are connected through a screw that puts pressure on them. They are two poles and usually come loose as you move the TV or the antenna itself.


It can be the signal

The quality of the signal can be affected if the antenna is defective or requires retuning. All TVs and set-top boxes have a function that allows you to synchronize the channels, one by one.

On the other hand, you can check the strength of the signal received by the antenna. The steps to enter this function depend on the TV model. They are usually in the menu, antenna section, signal, or transmission quality.

Methods to check for a bad cable amplifier

It is easy to identify what the TV antenna is, but where is the amplifier located? This device is placed at the back of the equipment. It has a very particular design, rectangular in shape, and full of ports.

Its function is to improve the output power of the signal, taking it to the TV sets. In addition, it eliminates pixelated images while maintaining a better signal. It also eliminates noise and helps regulate power gain.

The amplifier can be damaged, considering that they have a lifespan of no more than 10 years. If you have been using the same device for this long or more, it is likely that the fault is there. On the other hand, if you have suffered from any power surges in the home, this situation can damage them.

One of the main signs that it has been the cable amplifier has been damaged is if the transmission has suddenly stopped. It is probably the equipment. 

Is it better to buy or repair the antenna and amplifier?

If indeed the problem is housed in one of these devices, it is necessary to know whether or not they are repairable. Generally, when the amplifier is damaged, it is because there is no other solution. In that sense, the best thing to do is to buy a new one.

In the case of the antenna, these are not easily damaged, unless they have been dropped or bent, leaving it unusable. These usually require rewiring or simply relocating them to a new space. Check each aspect mentioned above. Try to place the antenna in the correct location.

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