How to light a Suburban RV Oven?

If you have ever been an avid off-roading enthusiast who loves RVing and getting away from urban life in their motorhome, you’d know the importance of a well-equipped RV. No wonders, most RVs and motorhomes come loaded with tons of recreational features and equipment to keep you cozy and feel at home.

An oven is one of the most important options that an RV can be equipped with, as Overlanders love to cook and enjoy their meals on the spot. Suburban is a well-known manufacturer of RV furnaces, ovens, and other products and has been around for over decades.

Although the Suburban RV ovens work just like the ones you’ve at home and are essentially portable kitchens. But you ought to know how to set up, calibrate, use and maintain one. So if you’re wondering how to light a Suburban RV oven? You’re in luck! We will walk you through the process in detail while keeping you alerted with some precautions and safety tips.

How Does a Suburban RV Oven Work?

Before we learn how to turn on suburban rv oven, we need to understand how it works. Not specific to Suburban ovens, all RV ovens have almost a similar mechanism of functioning, and they only differ in design or the power source.

The majority of the RV ovens, including Suburban, use propane as fuel and are similar to the ones that we all have at home. They have a heating element, a pilot, a thermostat, and a supply line. Once the pilot is ON for a few seconds, the burners are turned ON and the desired temperature is set, for cooking or pre-heating.

How to Light a Suburban RV Oven – Step by Step

Now that we know that a Suburban RV oven is not that different from a domestic oven, we can have that sense of confidence that it is not such a complex process. Almost everyone has been using ovens at home or has at least seen them in action at some party.

However, it is crucial that we go through this process step by step so that there’s clarity about the process, and you can avoid any mishaps or accidents while using a Suburban oven in your RV:


Check all the Connections and Lines

The first and most important step is to ensure that all the lines from the propane tank to the oven are intact, there are loose connections, and no leaks in the pipes. This is important from the safety point of view and can result in disaster if the propane gets leaked.

It’s also advisable to check the level of gas in the tank, so you don’t keep beating about the bush.


Turn on the Gas Lever (propane)

The next step is familiar and necessary for the oven to have some fuel to burn. Safety rules suggest that we turn on the propane lever after using the oven, so when it’s time to use it again, remember to turn the lever to the ON position and let the propane travel through the lines to the oven’s burner.


Twist the Knob over to PILOT

After letting the propane through the lines, it is now time to turn on the pilot. For that purpose, you’ve to push the knob and twist it over to the label saying “PILOT”. Like the domestic heaters and ovens, the Pilot is a small flame that keeps burning and is a source of ignition for main burners, so you don’t have to face a huge influx of gas at once.

While rotating the knob to the Pilot setting, make sure that you have a lighter or match ready to light it up. If you keep it at that position for a long time, it can cause a flare-up, which is potentially hazardous.


Light the Pilot

This is the step where you bring the lighter or match close to the pilot and light it up. Remember, you’ve to keep the knob pushed on the Pilot position for 5-15 seconds for the gas to reach the oven, and then light it up without any problem.

In case it doesn’t work the first time, repeat the process by twisting and holding the knob at the PILOT position and checking all the lines and lever position.


Turn on the Burners

This is the place where you cook your meals or boil the water. Burners can be turned on simply by turning the knob to the main “ON” setting or the picture of a “flame”. Burners need to be turned off after the usage, but in the new Suburban RV oven models, you can leave the Pilot running if you need the burners after a short while again.


Adjust the Temperature

There’s a thermostat located beside the main knob that lets you control the intensity of the fire on the burner or the temperature via an automatic mechanism.

Safety Tips for using a Suburban RV oven

To avoid any mishap or fire hazard, you ought to enforce these safety tips while using a Suburban RV oven:

1. Always check the connections and gas lever. It should always be turned off after usage and the lines be disconnected.

2. Make sure that you have a fire extinguisher in your RV, in case the oven catches fire.

3. It should never be left unattended while it’s ON, and have somebody keep an eye on it.

4. Keep the door and windows open while cooking, for adequate ventilation.

5. Do not store the gas tanks inside the RV, as they could explode or catch fire. Always put them in dedicated exterior storage.


Technically? Yes! burners can be lit directly but having the pilots ON first is a better and safer way of doing so.

  1. Carbon monoxide poisoning.
  2. Expensive and rare to find.
  3. Require a dedicated tank for carriage and transport.


Suburban has always offered top-notch camping products for RV owners and boondocking enthusiasts. Having an oven on board is a blessing and gives you the freedom to grill whatever you want, wherever you please.

But it is also important that you know how to use a Suburban RV oven, have all the precautions in mind, and have alternatives in place. With some practice, you can get the nag of it and cook great meals while enjoying the beautiful sceneries and landscapes.

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