How to Remove Black Streaks from your RV

Black streaks on an RV are the biggest headache you can go through. This type of grime takes over the surface to such an extent that it becomes very difficult to remove. However, all is not lost. There are several tricks and methods to remove them. The best thing is that they are homemade and you can do it yourself.

Before we start talking about it, you need to know how important it is to remove this type of streak. Not only because it detracts from the beauty of your caravan. Also, it is a matter of hygiene and avoiding the spread of contaminating particles that can invade the entire vehicle. 

Here are the best recipes on how to remove black stains from your motor home.

Steps to remove black streaks from your RV

One of the most relevant rules when it comes to removing black stains from a motor home is to find the space to do it. Some areas prohibit the activity on public roads, so if you do it inside your property, you will be much better off.

When locating in a permitted space, the next thing to do is to have the necessary equipment, cleaning tools, and accessories on hand. We are talking about sponges, gloves, sprayers, buckets, different cleaning products, upholstery cleaners, stain and grease removers, air fresheners, and plenty of water.

With everything ready and a good solo on us, it’s time to remove all those black stains. To do so, follow these steps:

Remove solid waste from your camper

Before you throw the first bucket of soap and water, you must clean the entire camper. From getting on the roof and with a broom, remove leaves and mud, residues of stones embedded in the tires, and other agents. 

This type of debris is often lodged in very inaccessible areas. So before making mud, remove everything manually. That is to say, clean all the ground before the deep cleaning.

Use soap and water

The first thing to do is to use a good amount of soap and water. The water will clean the first debris, the least adhered to the bodywork. While the soap will generate a removal action on the surface. 

Among the most predominant residues on a camping site are dust, sand, insects, and those terrible black stains. These are the most difficult to remove. Accompany the use of soap and water with a brush. Ideally, it should be large enough to reach those far corners of the caravan.

The brush should not have sharp elements or fibers that scratch the paint of the camper. Try to use soft bristles ideal for this type of work. The objective is to cover the entire caravan until the dirt begins to peel off.

Which soap to use?
The type of soap to use should be neutral. Also, it has to be environmentally friendly, considering that you will be doing the activity outdoors. If you use very strong chemicals, they can damage the surface of the caravan and its paint. In addition, it can be corrosive and damage the silicone that coats the seals of the camper.

The manufacturer’s instructions can give you better guidance on the type of soap to use. The important thing is to apply it properly, without too much pressure, on the roof and walls. Also, on tires and wheels.
What about black spots?
The famous black spots that appear on your caravan are usually due to having been exposed to a constant excess of pollutants. In addition, a climate favors their reproduction. It can be mold, fungi, or a small colony of algae, among others.

An excellent home remedy to remove them is to use bleach or chlorine. Now then. If the consistency is sticky, it could be a substance used for mounting or as a sealant.

Remove them with a rag and sunflower oil. Then proceed to wash with non-corrosive soap and water.

Another method that won’t cost you much, just a bad look from your wife, is to use your baby’s wet wipes. Although they may not be as efficient for these cases, they work perfectly depending on the type of black stain your camper has. If it is soft and light, it will surely come out easily.

What is advisable is that, for anything in the world, you should not use corrosives or solvents. However intense or strong the stain is and you do not remove it easily, look for other professional options. Also, try a damp clay stone cloth. But be careful with the force you use, you could touch the paint and damage it. The idea is to attack the stain and remove it.

Homemade black stain remover for motorhomes

If after a fun trip or before leaving you to notice that your motor home has black stains, it’s best to remove them before doing anything else. Below, we’ll give you some home remedies to remove black stains on your RV.


White wine vinegar

The power of vinegar on food is such that it leaves it clean and totally purified. If the black stain is mold and mildew, its acid level is perfect for removing contaminants, but not so much for damaging the paint. You will see how easily all the dirt comes off. You can mix it with water to yield the product.

You can use it to clean glass, plastics, and hard-to-reach spaces. All this is thanks to its high penetration power. If the stain is in an inaccessible place, use the mixture with cotton. Wipe it over the dirty surface and remove the stain.


Oven cleaner foam

This product should be applied only on the rims. If very sticky black spots appear, as a result of something you have stepped on the road. Or simply mildew due to humidity. The power of this remover is such that it can remove dirt quickly on any surface.


Use hair shampoo

Take from the shower, the product you use to wash your hair. However, baby shampoo is recommended, as it is the gentlest of all. A slight mixture of shampoo with water, and apply to the stained surface. Do not exceed too much because it could damage the paint.



If the stain is on your headlights, toothpaste is the best product to remove it. Use a toothbrush and spread the cream all over. When finished, remove it with a dry cloth.


Olive oil

The viscosity of olive oil helps to remove stains from the bodywork or windows. It is applied with a cotton ball, gently on the surface. Do it as many times as necessary until the dirt is completely removed.


The secret of the dishwasher

It must be liquid, and the results will be instantaneous. You must pass it with a damp cloth over the stains. If you mix it with water and use a sprayer, manual or pressurized, the dirt removal will be more effective. Remember to keep a safe distance from the bodywork when operating the pressure washer. 


Cola Soft Drink

The power of a cola soda is not only to quench thirst, it also removes black spots from your campsite. It can be used to clean tires, windows, stubborn stains, and rust. It is applied alone, but then water should be sprayed to remove the soda syrup.


Baking soda

Baking soda is a product we all have in our kitchens. Its diluting power is high, so when mixed with soap, no dirt can resist it. It doesn’t matter how crusty the dirt gets. Mix it with hot water, and neutral soap and you’ll see instant results.

What does a professional recommend for black streaks on RV?

Although homemade products are effective, it is always important to know the opinion of an expert. You don’t have to pay for it, just read these recommendations from a professional. Let’s see what they recommend:

Use esparto grass. This is an ancient system used 30 years ago by our mothers. It is extracted from the fiber of a series of wild plants. Ideally, according to the recommendation of the professional, they should be well used and worn. Rubbing on the stains will remove all the dirt without leaving residue.

Combine esparto grass with soap. The soap should be natural, in bar form. After dissolving it with water, the esparto grass is used as a remover cloth.

It is a simple two-step process. It is only necessary to resort to the past and combine it with neutral soap. Corrosion and acid-free. A professional cleaner said so.

How often should I clean my camper?

The cleaning of a motor home depends a lot on how often you use it during the year. The ideal is to do it before leaving and when you arrive from your trip. The reasons are simple, if you spend time without using it, it can fill with humidity. Damaging the bodywork, upholstery, and internal equipment.

Periodic maintenance of the caravan will prevent the appearance of residues and pollutants such as tedious black stains. Visualizing them on roofs, windows, tires or the bodywork itself is the worst thing that can happen.

It is necessary to identify which products are most beneficial to the cleanliness of your camper. Home remedies are effective, low cost, and high impact. However, their effectiveness will depend a lot on the type of black spot that appears. It is necessary to identify what has produced it and prevent it from appearing again.


Yes, WD-40 Multi-Use Product can be used on both the exterior and interior of your RV. It's safe for use on most surfaces, including fabric, vinyl, and plastic. Just be sure to test it in an inconspicuous area first to ensure there is no adverse reaction.

Not necessarily. If the streaks are low enough, you may be able to reach them with a step stool or something similar. Just be careful not to damage your RV's finish while you're cleaning.

Whatever method you use, make sure you follow the instructions carefully and always test in an inconspicuous area first. With a little bit of care, you can keep your RV looking like new for years to come!

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