How to Remove RV Window Screens for Cleaning?

Is it true that you love vacations? If yes, then you probably own an RV and love it enough to keep it clean. But your RV needs more than that, it requires regular maintenance.

Window screens play a key role to keep the RV clean and maintained by keeping out dirt and insects while driving. Because with time they become dirty, therefore it’s vital to remove them for cleaning.

Well, removal is not a complicated task, it’s effortless if you accomplish it correctly. However, to perform it efficiently, you must be familiar with some details.

So, here we are to help you out and answer all possible queries regarding the process. Without further ado, let’s start!

Why is it Significant to Remove and Clean the Screens?

It’s vital because a lot of oil and dirt will be there making it seem dirty and causing health issues like dirty screens can badly impact your eyesight. So, do not overlook it!

Three Ways for Removing RV Screens

Ways for Removing RV Screens
Here are the following ways to help you easily accomplish the removal process.
Through the Pins
The RV screens can be removed through the pins. This is also called the pin-pulling technique. Most RV window screens have 2 pins on them, you will notice them at the bottom sides. The functionality of these is making it tight enough. These are also utilized as a gateway during the removal process.

If you want to remove screens then hold both pins together with your hands. In the next step, pull them at the same time. You don’t require fancy devices for this process. Pull them straight back and apply the force as required. Also, take caution that you must not apply so much force. Gently slide your screen otherwise it can get damaged. Finally, you are now capable to extract your screen from the frame.
Through the Tabs
In some cases, some of the RV screens have tabs. Rather than pulling these tabs, hook them with your fingers. The tabs are spotted at the bottom or corners.

When you pull the tabs, it condenses the tension in the springs during the removal process. These tab springs are not visible because they are obscured inside the window. Pull the screen towards yourself and also grips the edges for help. Moreover, pull it out of the frame gently. If edges get stuck in the frame, then lightly wiggle it. This will assist you in quick removal.
Through the Prying Tools
If there are no tabs or pins on it then do not panic. As you can still get freed of them with the support of prying tools. The tools utilized for this process are a knife or flathead screwdriver. There are so many prying tools available, so pick any of them for ease.

With the help of the prying tool, push the screen from the corner or bottom. Further, drag it close to you with the support of the praying tool. At the end pull it with your hands from the RV frame.

Basic Steps to Follow for Cleaning RV Screens

Once the removal process is over, you are now ready for the cleaning process. It’s pretty simple, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, gather all the things you require like a brush, bucket, mild detergents, or paper towel.
  • After gathering the supplies, fill the bucket with some water. Pour an adequate amount of detergents into it. Mix it until it’s completely dissolved.
  • Now, your cleaning solution is prepared. Dip all the screens into the solution. Allow them to sock it because this will loosen the grip of oil and dust.
  • After a few minutes, clean them with a brush. Gently brush it to get freed of all the dust particles. Make sure that the screens are completely clean.
  • Once the cleaning phase is done, rinse your screens with warm water. Make sure all screens are thoroughly washed and there are no traces of cleaning solution on the screen.
  • Now, it’s time to dry them with a paper towel or any other cloth. Ensure that they are fully dried because in other cases they might get mildew or other moisture-related problems can occur.
  • Finally, you have done all the steps, now put back the screens into your window.

Advantages of Cleaning Your RV Window Screens

RV screens are useful and essential for every RV house. But can lose their efficiency if not properly cleaned. But you can get back its efficiency and benefits after cleaning it well.

Here are some benefits that you can enjoy then:

  • Cleaning will make the screens of your RV more durable and last longer.
  • Windows will serve better after cleaning.
  • Lessens the risk of mildew forming.
  • Gives you a much better view.
  • Improves visibility during the day and night.
  • An additional benefit is enhancing the look of the RV.

Wrap Up

For proper RV maintenance, it’s vital to clean window screens. As you see, you cannot skip this step because if they don’t get cleaned, they get older with time. So, you have to remove them in order to clean them. However, it’s not that complex, you can do it easily by following the instructions given above.

We really hope this post will assist you in removing and cleaning RV windows as we tried our level best to provide you with all possible information regarding RV window screens.

Have a great experience with your RV!


In general, it truly depends on how often you use it. You need to clean your RV once or twice a month if you use it on regular basis. However, if you find it dirty then you must clean it right away.

Yes, it lasts for years as a result of proper care and regular washing. Basically, the time duration depends on how it's used and its quality. With proper care, it can last up to approximately 10 years.

Yes, it's essential because it let the fresh breeze come through the window. It keeps the interior clean by keeping unwanted things outside like dirt, bugs, etc.

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