Jayco Pop-Up Camper Lift System Diagram

Who doesn’t love a compact-looking, easy-to-maneuver camper that offers enough space and utility on the go? Off-road enthusiasts are always looking for such travel solutions and Jayco offers exactly that.

Jayco popup camper offers tons of space, easy usability, and smart management while out there enjoying the trip.

What exactly is a camper lift system? How does it work and what does a Jayco pop-up camper lift system diagram explain? Let’s take a deep dive into it and get to know the intricate details of the Jayco pop-up camper lift system.

What is a Pop-up Camper Lift System?

Pop-up campers use a lifting mechanism to operate. This system allows a pop-up camper to expand and collapse when required, using different operating mechanisms, such as hydraulic or electric.

The most crucial parts of any pop-up camper lift system include the telescopic arms and levers. Mostly, it is the roof of a camper that moves up and down to create more space, as evidenced by the name “Pop-up”.

These telescopic arms are the basic parts that allow a pop-up camper to expand and collapse, by changing their own dimensions. This offers extra space for storage, living, and other accessories to set up.

What is a Telescopic Arm?

A telescopic arm is the basic unit of any pop-up or retractable system. As we are talking pop-up campers, telescopic arms help raise and lower the roof of the campers.

A telescopic arm consists of 2 or 3 lengthening units that are attached to and fit into each other when working. The largest of the 3 units houses the other 2 inside and retracts open or close when required.

These are usually cylindrical in shape and are installed in pairs to help achieve balance in motion and stability.

How Do Telescopic Arms Work on Pop-up Campers?

Telescopic arms are attached to the frame or chassis on one side, which is immobile, and to a movable roof on the other side. A hydraulic system is usually used to operate these lift systems that these telescopic arms support.

When the roof is collapsed, the telescopic arms are at their shortest length with all 3 parts closed into one another. Once the roof is lifted, the lengthening parts of the telescopic arms move away from each other but remained attached at the extreme ends, to ensure support.

The hydraulic lift system is used in these telescopic arms that retract and expand the lengthening parts, hence lifting and collapsing the Pop-up camper’s roof.

Jayco Pop-Up Camper Lift System Diagram

Like the majority of other pop-up campers available on the market, Jayco pop-up campers use lifting mechanisms driven by lifter pulleys and springs.

Latches and hooks are used to connect the base of the roof to the camper’s frame, and lifting assembly. This simple diagram depicts the basic mechanism of how the lift system on the Jayco pop-up camper works.

When the roof has to be extended, the latches are unhooked and the crank is inserted. It is then rotated clockwise, and the lifting pulleys then extend and the roof starts retracting upward, as the telescopic arms lengthen along.

When the desired height of the pop-up roof is achieved, the lifting system is then locked to secure it in place and prevent it from collapsing. The doors, windows, and beds are then assembled inside, apart from any other amenity that came with the camper.


With proper care, maintenance, and repairs, a durable pop-up camper would easily last 10-12 years.

As pop-up campers are essentially trailers on wheels, you don’t get a bathroom with most of those. Nonetheless, some top-end manufacturers do offer dedicated washroom/cassette toilets as an add-on.

Jayco pop-up campers’ lifting mechanism involves telescopic arms and pulleys, with latches and hooks. These are used to extend and collapse the roof as desired, manually.

Depending on the size and storage, one can definitely load their bikes and kayaks on the pop-up camper while setting foot on an adventure. However, it is crucial to first check with the manufacturer for all the requirements and compatibility.


Much like any other pop-up camper, Jayco uses a lifting mechanism that incorporates telescopic arms and pulleys. The roof on these campers is retractable that can be extended or collapsed, as desired, using this lifting mechanism. The Jayco pop-up camper lift system diagram depicts different parts of the lifting mechanism that make the working assembly, which is used to extend and collapse the roof. It is crucial to know these parts and how it works, so you can enjoy your outdoor activities while out there on the trips and seamlessly manage repairs and malfunctions.

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