This is Definitely a First Time RV Camping Essentials List

Going on an adventure with your loved one or a group of friends is what camping is all about, and what better way to go about it than to stock up on the essentials for RV camping. Camping, by definition, is a recreational activity intended to last only for a limited amount of time. You may choose to camp in an RV but that probably means you will be gone for a week or two or even more. The best way to go about this is to have an adequate RV camping accessories list prepared before you even leave your home.

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An RV Camping Essentials List includes:

  • Tire Pressure Checking Device
  • Toiletry for Camping
  • Heavy Duty Tools for Camping
  • Camping Accessories
  • and other items

A Tire Pressure Monitoring Device

For your first time on camping essentials list, there are a number of items you should not forget. First among these is a tire pressure monitoring device. This is one of those “must haves” that every motorist should possess. Why? Because tire pressure monitoring is important when it comes to making sure that you have enough tire pressure in your are to make it through your journey safely and comfortably.


The next item on your first time on camping essentials list is a set of tools to help keep your campsite clean. It would be a good idea to stock up on toiletries such as toothpaste, hand sanitizer and a facecloth. These are easily available at any store selling camping supplies and they are also very useful in keeping your campsite clean and dry. Other things to consider in this regard are a small portable toilet and shower. A small portable toilet and shower will come in handy especially if you don’t have a fully equipped bathroom at your campsite. It is much cheaper to buy a small portable toilet and shower than to buy two full-size toilets for your RV.

Heavy Duty Tools

For all those who are thinking of taking a road trip with their recreational vehicles here are some heavy-duty items that you should definitely take with you. You might want to consider taking along a large capacity gas tank, a heavy-duty tire pump, a portable air compressor and an emergency blanket in case of an emergency. If you live by the coast, a tire gauge, a blowout extractor and a first aid kit containing bandages, pain relievers and tweezers will come in very handy. For those who have an interest in surfing, carrying around a surfboard or snorkel gear is definitely a must. You may also want to take along some heavy duty rope and hooks to help you with your everyday surfing activities.

Camping Accessories

Some other items you need to consider taking along when going on a first time RV camping vacation is a small tent or sleeping bag, a Coleman air mattress, cooking utensils such as a camp stove, fuel for your stove, utensils and cutlery, camping games and toys, and finally a small portable refrigerator or freezer to keep your food fresh. If you plan on staying in a campground, there will usually be facilities available for such things.

Most campgrounds provide facilities such as water, electricity, showers and places to exercise. These facilities are usually free but if you plan to stay in a campground that charges for its services, be sure to take along the small things that are necessary to make your stay comfortable. For example, the minimum stay for camping in a campground is usually a night so bring along some food and refreshments before setting out for your trip.

RV Surge Protector

Another thing you need to have with you is a good quality RV surge protector. The surge protector will help to protect your laptop or computer from over current if you happen to have a high power laptop plugged into your portable or power system. Make sure that you buy a good quality surge protector for your portable power supply to ensure that it lasts a long time and that you will not have to replace it any time soon.

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