Types of Glamping

Many of us look at photos and videos of unspoiled nature and dream of seeing it with our own eyes. However, not many are willing to sacrifice even for a short time the living conditions to which they are accustomed when traveling around the world and staying in high-quality, chain hotels. In these pristine, undeveloped in terms of infrastructure, sometimes it is not that comfortable to spend the night, even hands with warm water can not wash.

And that’s where glamping comes in.

Glamping – a relatively new type of tourism, which allows you to travel without depriving yourself of basic comforts, such as a comfortable bed, hot shower, and comfortable toilet. This type of tourism is suitable even for those people who are used to luxury conditions. It is for spending time in nature and staying in comfortable conditions and was invented by glamping. In this case, their construction changes the environment minimally, both in the process of their construction and in the course of their operation. This publication describes the main types of housing that are offered in the glamping.

Safari Tent

Safari tents are large tents consisting of a tall wooden frame and a stretched tent. The height of the ridge allows air to circulate freely, which is especially important on hot days. Inside it creates a pleasant microclimate that allows you to do without air conditioning.

The beauty of this construction is the ability to install it in any landscape. Inside, fit full comfortable beds and other interior items, creating a homely comfort.


An authentic Indian tipi can be your vacation home. Being at one with nature will become comfortable and unusual at the same time.

A tipi is a round tent with a cone of wooden poles at the base. Covering tipi used to be sewn from animal skin, but now stretches a thick canvas tent capable of sheltering from all weather conditions.

The diameter tipi is usually 3 to 6 meters, which allows you to install beds and other furniture that creates comfort for guests.

Bell tent

This is a tent for living, traveling, or relaxing. The design of a bell tent is simple, most often round at the base. The main supporting element of the tent is the central pole.

The tent is two-layered and made of a combination of materials. The stability of the tent is enhanced by the tension that is created by stretching from the walls to the ground.


A yurt is a common dwelling of nomadic peoples. It has a unique but at the same time simple design. The frame consists of bent slats and planks, over which the mats are stretched.

This shelter reliably protects from wind, rain, and sun. Circulation of air creates a pleasant atmosphere, which saves in a particularly hot season. Inside there are comfortable beds with mattresses, cabinets or drawers, and other furniture.

Geodesic Dome

Domes will be appreciated by every guest of the glamping. In addition, such a dwelling will impress even experienced tourists.

Such structures are easily installed in any landscape, which guarantees an unforgettable view through the panoramic windows. Often such domes are equipped not only with comfortable furniture but also with a bathroom on fire.

Buildings of this type do not harm the environment, which is extremely important for the preservation of pristine nature but allow you to relax in nature with maximum comfort.


Eco-houses are frame houses, in the process of construction and operation of which there is minimal impact on the environment.

Construction uses materials and technologies that minimize CO2 emissions and consume relatively little energy.

Eco-houses not only pay attention to the construction of natural materials and insulation but also try to maximize the use of natural raw materials in interior decoration, reducing the use of petroleum products.

The ecological compatibility of an eco-house can be felt by going inside, where you will feel comfortable and pleasant.


Caravans are good in that they can move and be installed wherever you want. After installation, they are equipped with all the necessary attributes: soft and comfortable beds, furniture for storing clothes and eating, as well as interior elements for the absolute comfort of the occupants.

Due to its design, you can easily arrange a cozy environment for two or more people, allowing you to relax with your family or friends.


Motorhomes gained incredible popularity many decades ago. Despite the fact that the fashion for them came from the West, they are very much loved by our people, because they provide complete mobility in any direction while maintaining the comfort of your own home and all the usual amenities.

Houses on wheels can have different sizes and shapes but are guaranteed to provide a comfortable stay anywhere, in any country, and even on any continent.


A-frame house is a type of eco-house, a house shack, or a tent house. In essence, the A-frame house is a frame house and a great scope for the imagination of architects from grand designs to small houses. At the same time, there is a lot of controversy surrounding triangular houses between their opponents and supporters.

The clean A-frame design is universal in its appeal. With a well-designed building plan, you’ll often find yourself in an open living space with high ceilings that let in natural light through the use of whole sections of walls as windows and doors.


Cubes are small houses with a fancy cube-like shape. They are roomy enough to create the most comfortable living conditions.

Here each guest is guaranteed to be provided with a comfortable bed, and furniture for comfortable eating and storing personal belongings. Nearby there will be a bathroom, where you can take a hot shower and meet all the needs of nature.

The main aspect of relaxation is the maximum unity with pristine nature and respect for it.


Treehouse is another type of eco-house. Such houses are usually elevated above the ground and designed on the crown of a tree or several trees.

Tree houses are a classic example of ecological construction because they don’t require cutting down forests to build them. And the trees themselves become part of these homes, which gives them a unique and attractive.

The most recent trend is the glass or mirror houses on the tree, which in addition reflect the environment.


The most popular type of eco-house. The Barnhouse is an architectural style on the verge of three current trends: loft, minimalism, and bio-eco. Barnhouse is a balance between the past and the future. Its concept reflects a new, simple and comfortable life, but with the memory of ancestors and with respect for the landscape.

Only natural and sustainable materials are used for construction. Barnhouse-style home design is characterized by minimalism, strict geometry, and straight outlines. One-story structures with an attic are welcome. Two-story structures are built much less frequently.

The houses are characterized by a gable roof, which has a steep slope, as well as single and broken roofs. The Barnhouse seamlessly combines the rustic comfort of a wooden house with modern glazing and trendy furniture. Scandinavian Barnhouse-style houses are made in neutral and monochrome colors.

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