Why is there no water pressure in the RV when attached to city water?

24/7 running water is a blessing; one can not imagine a moment without it. However, low water pressure takes away the joy of running water and is a significant moment of disappointment, especially in an RV.

Most recreational vehicles are dependent on their stored water tank. However, due to fluctuating water pressure, they often depend on the city water. The primary problem RV owners encounter in this situation is that there is often no pressure in the RV attached to city water.

Reasons for no water pressure in RV when attached to city water

Now the question arises, why does this happen? There can be a few reasons for it, and here, I have compiled all of them for you because you can’t fix a problem until you know its origin. So here is a brief account of why RV has no water pressure when hooked to city water.

Bad city water connection
There is a big possibility that the city water connection you are connected to is not good enough. You might be connected to a campground connection. As RV owners often use them, their water pressure reduces quite often.
Blockage in the water hose
It would be best to regularly clean your RV’s water hose as it might be clogged due to dirt or other particles.
Break-in valve
Often the water pressure is lost at a breakage point. A break in the water valve diverts the pressure to the breakage, which reduces the stress you receive.
Clogged filter
Like the water hose, the water filters due to dirt or other particles.
Blockage in city water lines
The problem might not be in your valve or filter but the water line of the city water. RV owners widely use them, so they are easily prone to blockages.
Multiple valves
Multiple valves divide the pressure, and as a result, each valve receives less stress. So, if you are connected to a city valve and facing low pressure, this might be the reason. 
The setting of the check valve
If you have checked all the above and nothing seems to be the reason, there might be a baseline problem. It would help if you looked for the connection of your check valve. There is a possibility that it might be drawing water from your tank’s valve rather than the city water.

How Do I Connect My City Water to My RV?

To connect your RV to the city water, you must look for a water inlet in the city that is suitable for the RV. Once you have spotted it, remove its outer cap. Make sure you use a specialized hose designed for RV water drinking.

Such a hose is safe to use, and the National Sanitation Association approves its material. It proves that the hose is free from lead, rubber, or other harmful components. Attach the hose to the inlet. You can also use a connector for this purpose if you have one. If you use an elbow connector, the hose will be easy to detach after the job.  

After the hose is connected to the city water inlet, you will receive water in your RV. It is pressurized chiefly, and you can use it in faucets, showers, and toilets. You can even fill your RV’s water tank this way for future use. 


There are certain situations where your RV's city water connection may not be working. These include

  • The water system has the wrong setting.
  • The set is not connected to the correct water source
  • The city water source is not working
  • The hose is not working
  • The filter and valve are not working
  • There is a plug or break in the hose
  • Water lines in the RV are not working

If all of these points are okay and there does not seem to be a visible problem, you can hire an RV technician. A professional one will surely spot the problem and fix it.

You can use a pressure gauge to measure the water pressure in your RV. If it is below what you desire, you can use a pressure regulator to tackle the problem of low or no water pressure in an RV when hooked to city water.

If the pressure is consistently low, then a booster pump can be a great idea to boost the glow. There is plenty of booster pumps available in the market. You can find a technician who can fix it for you.

Bottom line

Life in an RV is supposed to be fast and portable. What is the point of living in an RV when you have to wait so long for a basic necessity of life, e.g., filling a glass of water to drink? There can be several reasons for no water pressure in an RV connected to city water.

The trick is to spot the problem. The water pressure problem is only solved once you spot the root cause for it. The root cause might be a simple one you can solve yourself, or if it’s a severe underlying issue, you might get help from a professional.

Also, there are specific ways to improve the pressure if it is still low after all the remedies. So, there is more than one solution to an RV’s pressure problems.


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