How to Keep Snow Off Your RV Roof

Winters are around the corner and adventurers must be getting ready to embark on new missions in their RVs and trailers. Winter off-roading is very addictive and has a unique aura, but it also comes with its problems and consequences.

Your RV might be your full-time home and you could practically spend all your time in it, but when the problem knocks, it takes a huge toll on your beloved motorhome’s integrity. Snowfall is a tricky season for RV owners, as it can hamper their plans, get their trips delayed, and potentially damage the RV’s structure and parts.

There are different ways you could keep snow off your RV roof, and none of them require too much investment or expert-level skills. Let’s understand how snowfall and ice could be fatal to your RV and how to keep snow off your RV roof with simple hacks and tricks.

How can Snow Be Dangerous for your RV?

It might seem like a cloud of white flakes but snow is deceptively heavy when it gets accumulated and has other detrimental effects. A few inches of snow on top of your RV can prove dangerous and even fatal.

RVs covert in snow at Falakro, in Greece.

If snow accumulates in huge amounts on the top of your RV, it could cave into the roof and damage the metal parts on top. Water and other fluids can freeze and damage the pipes, apart from damaging the seals and paint on the metal parts.

Rusting and corrosion also start if snow remains in contact with the roof of your RV for long, and must be removed immediately once it accumulates.

How You Can Keep Snow Off Your RV Roof

If you’re wondering how to prevent the buildup of ice and keep snow off your RV roof, these are some of the few simple tricks you could follow:


Get a slanted roof on your RV

The best way to keep snow off your RV roof is to not let it accumulate there in the first place. The best way to do that is by adding a slanting roof or an inclined structure on your RV’s roof.

You could either get a wooden slanted rooftop structure made or purchase a pre-fabricated rooftop made of silicon. The snow naturally slips off and falls off the roof of the RV and in case it doesn’t, you can easily scrap it off with a simple hatchet or some other tool.

Make sure that the roof accessory you’re installing isn’t too heavy and is corrosion resistant as well. Otherwise, it would be of no use and could damage the roof of your RV.


Use flushing solution

Another great way of not letting the snow build up atop your RV is by using a flushing solution. There are different anti-freeze solutions that you could use or even salt water would do just fine.

Do not use these solutions in excessive amounts as they could damage the seals and other metal parts on the roof of your RV. This is a remedial solution and should be incorporated very carefully.


Park your RV in a storage

If your RV is parked under a shade or in some storage, the snow won’t build up on top of it. It also keeps your RV safe from other environmental hazards like rain and UV rays.

You could find normal shaded parking or build proper storage for your RV. No matter how you keep its roof covered, snow won’t be able to touch it and you won’t have to worry about scrapping it off.


Park against the direction of the wind

Parking your RV near a windbreaker is another smart way to keep snow off your RV roof. The blowing winds in the opposite direction would not let the snowflakes fall on your RV, and they won’t accumulate on the roof.

Though most of your RV would remain protected, this method doesn’t guarantee complete protection and some portion of the roof might get layered by snow. This is not such a headache and you could easily remove that layer with a simple silicon wiper.


Physically remove the snow

If nothing works for you, pick up your tools and get rid of all that snow yourself. While you’re trying to scrap away the huge layers of ice buildup on your RV’s roof, do not use any sharp metal object or heavy tool, like a shovel.

It could damage the paint and metal surfaces on the rooftop and you should ideally use a silicon or plastic tool to physically remove snow off your RV roof.


Use RV covers

Covering your RV with a neoprene or PVC cover also protects it from snow and rain. To add extra protection and make snow removal easier, you could put thermophore sheets or some other type of padding on the roof of your RV.

This protects the rooftop and other parts from temperature changes and any other blunt falling objects that could damage the RV’s roof.


Hire Professionals

Like auto detailers and service centers, there are dedicated specialists who would take care of this snow buildup problem for you.

If you’re worried about the upcoming winter season and how to keep snow off your RV roof, simply hire professionals and let them do their job. They use special tools to remove the snow from the top of your RV and cover it with padded shades to prevent further accumulation.


RVing is fun and if you own a nice motorhome, you are living the best off-road life. Though you enjoy your life to the fullest with an RV, it also comes with its inherent issues.

Winter, in particular, poses a great risk for RV owners, as too much snow can get accumulated on the RV’s roof and damage the pipes and other metal parts. There are different ways you could protect the motorhome and keep the snow off your RV roof. Go through our detailed guide and be prepared for your sub-freezing outdoor adventures.


Yes, you can use salt to melt the ice on your RV roof. However, you should be careful not to damage the roof while you're doing so.

Some tips for preventing snow and ice from accumulating on your RV roof include regularly cleaning the roof and removing any debris that could catch snow, applying a sealant to the roof, and installing a heat tape along the edge of the roof.

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