How To Level a Camper Without Moving It

Many campers prefer to keep their camper in one spot, rather than hauling it around, and leveling the camper can be tricky. Fortunately, there are a few methods available to level a camper without having to move it.

What Causes Camper Leveling Issues?

There are a few factors that can contribute to camper leveling issues. First and foremost, the terrain of where you have parked your camper may not be flat or level. This can cause one side of the camper to be lower than the other, making it difficult to get comfortable in your RV. Additionally, heavy rains can leave puddles in certain areas, causing uneven ground which affects the levelness of your RV.

How to Check for Camper Leveling Problems?

It is important to check for any camper leveling problems before attempting to level the camper without moving it. You can do this by placing a bubble level on each of the four corners of your camper as well as the middle. This will allow you to identify what areas are higher or lower, and how much adjustment needs to be made.

How to Level a Camper Without Moving It

Method 1: Using Jacks And Blocks
This is probably the most common method used for leveling a camper without moving it – jack up each corner of the trailer and then use wood blocks or wooden wedges to support the weight. The jacks need to be placed along each side so that the trailer has an even lift, with eight jacks being ideal; however four jacks may also work depending on how many levels you wish to raise your camper. Once all four jacks are lifted and the trailer is secure, blocks or wedges can be used to support the weight on each side of the camper.
Method 2: Using Shims
Shims are an easy way to level a camper without moving it – just slide them in between the frame and tires to gain more height. This method is best suited for smaller trailers that don’t need a lot of leveling. The shims should be placed securely so they don’t move while driving or during other activities.
Method 3: Installing Leveling Ramps
This is an effective way to level your camper without having to move it – install ramps under each tire corresponding with how much you wish to raise your camper. This method is not suitable for larger trailers or those that need to be lifted more than a few inches, but it can work for smaller ones. It’s important to make sure the ramps are well secured and don’t move when in use.
Method 4: Using Water Tanks
If you have access to large water tanks, then this method could work for you – simply fill the tank with water and use it to lift up the camper while driving on top of it. The tank should be level when filled and securely attached to ensure it doesn’t slip out of place while you drive. This method will only work if your trailer has enough clearance between the frame and tires.
Method 5: Adding Pads
If you don’t have access to jacks, blocks or shims, then adding pads underneath the tires can help level your camper without having to move it. This method works best with smaller trailers that only need a slight lift – the more levels you add, the less stable this method will become. The pads should be placed securely under each tire and evenly spread out so they don’t slip.
Method 6: Using Sandbags
Sandbags can also be used to level a camper without moving it. Simply fill the bags with sand or dirt and place them beneath the tires on each corner of your trailer. This method is best suited for smaller trailers that don’t require much lifting and should be secured firmly in place so they don’t move while driving.

Tips for Keeping Your Camper Level

Once you have leveled your camper, it is important to keep it level. This can be done through regular maintenance and inspections of the frame, tires, and jacks. Make sure all equipment is properly adjusted and working correctly before each trip. It is also a good idea to take measurements every few months to make sure your camper’s height hasn’t changed significantly due to wear and tear or other factors. Finally, use caution when driving on uneven terrain as this can cause your camper to become unbalanced over time.

By following these methods you can easily level your camper without having to move it around – making camping trips much less stressful! And by taking the necessary precautions while driving, you will ensure your camper stays level even when on the road.

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