How To Mount Spare Tire on Roof Rack?

Mounting a spare tire on your vehicle’s roof rack is a great way to free up more space in the trunk and add an extra layer of security to your journey. This guide will show you how to properly mount a spare tire to your roof rack, step-by-step.

What you will need

Spare Tire
Ratchet Wrench
Socket Set
Chocks or Wheel Stops

How to measure spare tire size

To make sure that your spare tire fits securely onto your roof rack, it is important to measure the size of your spare tire. This can be done by measuring the radius from the center of the wheel to the outer edge. If you are unsure about how to do this, visit a local automotive store for assistance.

How to drill the hole for the spare tire

If your vehicle does not have pre-drilled holes for mounting a spare tire, you may need to drill them yourself. It is important that you use the correct size and type of drill bit in order to ensure that everything fits securely and safely.

How to mount the tire on roof rack

Step 1: Prepare the tire

Before mounting the spare tire to your roof rack, be sure to check it for any damage and ensure that it is properly inflated. It is important that the tire is in good condition so as not to put yourself at risk of a breakdown.

Step 2: Attach the wheel chocks

Once you have checked and prepared the spare tire, position it on top of your roof rack and attach the wheel chocks or wheel stops along each side. These are designed to keep the tire secure while travelling.

Step 3: Secure with ratchet and socket

Using a ratchet wrench and socket set, attach the nut to the studs on either side of the tire. Make sure that they are tightened properly, as this will keep your tire secure while travelling.

Step 4: Check for security

Once you have attached the wheels chocks, ratchet, and socket, it is important to double-check that everything is securely fastened before setting off. Ensure that all screws and nuts are tight so as not to risk any accidents or breakdowns on the journey ahead.

Tips and tricks

  • Make sure to always check the condition of your spare tire before mounting it onto your roof rack, as this could save you from a lot of hassle if something were to go wrong.
  • When mounting the spare tire with ratchet and socket, be sure to tighten them properly so as to ensure that they stay securely in place while travelling.
  • Ensure that any chocks or wheel stops used are appropriate for the size and weight of your tire – this will help to keep everything secure during travel.

And there you have it! You now know how to mount a spare tire onto your roof rack – giving you extra storage space in the trunk for all of your travel essentials.

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