How to Watch TV in RV without Generator?

Are you planning to enjoy TV in your RV? Do you wonder how to enjoy it without a generator?

If so, then you are at the right place!

Today, it’s a common issue that most RV users are facing as they are not able to watch their TV in RVs.

In this post, we’ll provide some alternative solutions for this problem, so that you can enjoy watching your midnight seasons or movies without any concerns.

Via Coach Batteries

Coach batteries are most frequently used by new RV owners since they are widely available. With this source of power, similar to solar energy, you’ll probably need to buy an inverter to convert the 12-volt to the 110-volt required by your TV. Until you choose a 12-volt TV.

If you want an inverter, there are many excellent choices available, including the AIMS Power 2000. The major benefit of using the coach battery is that the user will need to do nothing except buy an inverter. The coach battery is powered by the alternator just like a typical automotive battery.

However, solar power can also be connected to a coach battery. For more energy storage, you can stack batteries on it. This functionality is also quite useful, particularly if you choose to add a solar energy option. If you have an adequate storage area for the spare batteries, you can add batteries to the main system and create a flexible energy storage network.

Through Solar Panels

If you decide to use solar energy, then accept the reality that despite our best efforts, the sun does not shine continuously throughout the year. Realizing that, you will need a power source that can handle that amount of drain in addition to whatever else you intend to use it for during the day.

The solution to this is to run a generator all day, shut it down at night to enjoy peace, and utilize solar-powered batteries only to power the TV. Solar panels’ primary advantage is that they offer free energy generated from sunlight. The interior room of the RV is increased as the solar panels are mounted on the roof.

The other concern is barring a 12-volt TV, solar panels will almost certainly draw power from your Rv battery, necessitating the use of an inverter. Your Rv batteries will be linked to an inverter, which will transform the 12V into 110 AC power, so you can hook in your RV TV.

You can select from the monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and amorphous varieties of solar panels. If you’re searching for a long-term solution to the energy requirements of your devices, the monocrystalline solar panel is what you must consider because it’s reliable and has a higher capacity.

Using UPS

This is a fantastic alternative choice for RV TV power. If it comes with a great battery, a small UPS can be a good choice for running a small television for a few hours or even longer. If you’re a family or single traveler and only want it for a few hours to watch a movie at night or something else, this would be a great alternative.

Longer hours can be possible when you have a bigger UPS. I’ve seen folks run their televisions and other electrical items on 1000-watt or higher-ups for extended periods. It also varies depending on the kind of television you own. In comparison to LCD and other older TVs, an LED TV would consume significantly less power.

This is not a viable solution for frequent boondocking travelers. When you have UPS lying in the house, simply put it in the RV if you need it. Another element to be careful about in this situation is the weight of UPS, which might differ based on the battery used.

By Portable Power Station

Primitive camping in an area in which you are aware that available power resources will be limited is an ideal situation for using a portable power station. The greatest way of keeping a portable power station charged is by using solar energy throughout the day when you’re not watching Television. Users can have a large amount or enough power based on the type of power station they select. We suggest the Anker Power Station for powering a TV or other equipment. You may temporarily operate your whole RV using 1500W.

It can run the majority of these devices simultaneously like lights, computers, TVs, microwaves, and refrigerators, and can still have extra power. You may take the power station everywhere due to its great portability. This power station is highly useful because it doesn’t require fuel or solar energy, and makes no disturbing sounds. A portable power station requires extremely low maintenance and is entirely secure for both indoor and outer use. The majority of portable power stations already feature an integrated inverter, so you simply have to plug your devices into the built-in inverter to start watching your preferred TV shows.

Final Thoughts

Watching TV on a generator might not be appropriate for everyone. But if you love to watch TV during camping then you must think of other alternative ways to watch it. For their TV, most people favor batteries, UPS, or solar panels. Because batteries and solar power offer plenty of power to watch your favorite shows on TV in an RV.

We hope the information above assists you in making the right decision regarding the appropriate power supply for your TV.


It's common to have a power outage situation but there are compelling ways to power your TV. For instance, you can get an effective power supply from a coach battery or solar power.

The best way to watch TV in RVs is without the generator. It's not peaceful to watch with a generator because it uses fuel and also causes noise which by the way is the real pain.

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