RV Slide Out Problems Clicking Noise

If you are hearing a clicking noise coming from your RV slide-out, it can be cause for concern. This annoying sound is usually an indication that something isn’t quite right with the mechanism and further investigation may be necessary. In this article, we will explore what may be causing the clicking noise in your RV slide-out and how to fix it.

What could be causing the clicking noise in your RV slide out?

The issue with the rollers

The most common cause of a clicking noise in your RV slide-out is an issue with the rollers. These are the metal wheels that move along the track when you open and close the slide-out. If these rollers are worn, or if they become misaligned, it can create a clicking or grinding sound as they turn.

Bent shaft or gear

Another potential source of clicking noises could be a bent shaft or gear within the mechanism itself. Over time, these components may become worn down and require replacement to ensure proper operation.


Debris such as twigs, leaves and other small objects may get stuck in the tracks and cause them to bind up when the slide-out is opened or closed. This can result in a clicking noise.

Slide-Out Room Leaks

If your slide-out is leaking, it can also cause clicking noises. This is often due to a faulty seal that needs to be replaced.

Bearing Wear

Bearing wear may also be a factor. Bearings are what allow the slide-out to move smoothly and quietly. Over time, they can become worn down which can result in clicking noises as the slide-out is opened or closed.

Slide-Out Room Misalignment

Misalignment of the slide-out room can also be a source of clicking noises. If the mechanism is not properly aligned, it can cause the rollers to bind and make a clicking sound as they turn.

Broken Gear Locking System

The gear locking system is responsible for keeping the slide-out securely in place when it is closed. If this mechanism becomes damaged, it can create a clicking noise as the gear attempts to engage.

Incorrectly Installed Slide-Out Room

Finally, if your slide-out has been incorrectly installed or not adjusted correctly, it can create a clicking noise.

How to diagnose and fix the problem?

In order to properly diagnose the issue and determine what is causing the clicking noise in your RV slide-out, it’s important to first inspect all of the components closely. Look for any signs of wear or damage that may be causing the clicking sound.

If you find that one of the rollers is damaged or misaligned, you will need to replace them as soon as possible. In some cases, realigning them can also help. If a bent shaft or gear is found, it will need to be replaced with a new one.

Debris should be cleared from the tracks before opening or closing your slide-out and if your slide-out is leaking, check for any worn seals that need replacing. Finally, ensure that all the parts are correctly aligned and the gear locking system is in good working order.

If none of the above helped, don’t worry – there are still a few simple solutions that can help you can get your slide-out running smoothly again.

  • Check the Slides for Obstructions: The first step to fixing a clicking noise from your RV slide-out is to check for any possible obstructions. This could be anything from sticks and rocks to gravel, dirt, or other debris. Make sure to clear away any obstructions from the slides and the track, so that the slide-out can move freely.
  • Inspect the Motor: If the slides are free from obstructions, then you may need to inspect the motor. Check for any loose wires or connections, and make sure they are securely fastened. If the motor looks okay, then you can try lubricating the motor, as this may help to reduce the clicking noise.
  • Lubricate the Slides: If the motor is okay, then you’ll want to lubricate the slides. This can be done with a lubricant designed specifically for RV slides, or with a light-weight oil such as WD-40. Make sure to apply the lubricant to the entire slide, including the track and any moving parts.
  • Adjust the Tension: If the slides are still making a clicking noise, then you may need to adjust the tension. This can be done by adjusting the tensioning screws, which are usually located at the base of the slides. Adjusting the tensioning screws can help to reduce the clicking noise, as well as improve the overall performance of the slide-out.

These are just a few tips to help fix RV slide-out problems with a clicking noise. If you are still having issues with your slide-out, then you may need to contact a qualified RV repair technician. They can help to diagnose the issue and determine the best course of action for fixing the problem.

How to prevent problems with your RV slide out in the first place?

The best way to prevent clicking noises from occurring in the first place is to regularly inspect and maintain your RV slide-out. Make sure all of the components are properly lubricated and that any debris is removed from the tracks before opening or closing. Regularly check for worn seals or misalignment of parts, as this can help prevent any further issues with your slide-out.

By following these simple steps, you should be able to keep your RV slide-out running smoothly and avoid any unwanted clicking noises. However, if you do find yourself having problems, don’t hesitate to contact a qualified technician who can help identify and fix the issue quickly and efficiently.

The Verdict

RV slide-out clicking noises are often caused by worn rollers, debris in the tracks, bent shafts or gears, bearing wear and misalignment of parts. In order to diagnose and fix the issue, it’s important to inspect all components closely and replace any that may be damaged or worn. It’s also essential to keep your RV slide-out regularly maintained in order to prevent future problems from occurring.

If you do experience an issue with your RV slide-out, don’t hesitate to contact a professional who can help identify and repair the problem quickly and effectively. With regular maintenance, you should be able to avoid any unwanted clicking noises in the future.

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