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After enjoying a full season of Overlanding and boondocking, you have to come to terms with the hardest part of owning an RV, the storage. Unlike your truck or SUV, a camper or RV is a huge accommodation on wheels that requires special storage planning.

With so many obvious options and some complications, there remain only a few viable options where you can store an RV, trailer, or camper. You ought to be careful about security, weather protection, and compliance with local laws when looking to store your motorhome.

If you’re also worried and not sure where to store an RV, trailer, or camper, we have compiled a list of the most feasible RV storage options for you. So let’s get right to it and help you with your RV storage issues.

Most Suitable RV or Camper Storage Options

Look at some of these viable storage options for your RV or trailer and understand which one is best for you:


There is no better place for storing an RV than your own garage. If you have a garage with storage for 2-3 cars, it is ideal for parking your RV when not in use.

In an enclosed garage, your RV remains protected from hazards of the environment and weather damage. Additionally, you do not have to worry about vandalism, theft, or someone running into your RV parked outside. You also do not have to worry about local laws when parking your RV on the inside.

The only issue with parking your RV inside your garage is that it takes up a lot of space and you can’t park all your cars in the garage if RV is there as well.


Not so far away from the garage, your backyard is another ideal spot for RV and trailer storage. Building a shaded area or using a weatherproof cover ensures the safety and longevity of your RV back there.

If you have a backyard that’s not being used for some specific purpose, you can safely park your RV there. Be mindful of the community laws and other society regulations before you do that.

Though it would not be susceptible to theft and environmental damage if covered, the risk of vandalism would still be high.


Driveway is also a good option for parking your RV for long and doesn’t even cost a penny. Although you lose a lot of parking space for your other vehicles and it can get stolen easily, it is the easiest, most feasible option of storing an RV.

It should be kept in mind that most cities don’t allow parking RVs in the driveways and you could face a hefty fine for doing so.

Friend’s Garage

If you have a friend living nearby and they have some extra space on their property, you can park your RV there.

It is one of the most reliable ways if you’re looking to hang up your trailer keys for long. It is even better if the storage is covered and they promise to keep an eye on your prized possession.

Though, you won’t have to pay your friend for that, but taking them out for a nice treat is the ideal way of asking for a favor.

RV Boondocking Parks

Around this time of the year, most RV parks are empty and you’d only find hardcore boondockers, if any. These areas are also great for storing an RV as these properties have some sort of surveillance and walled parking spaces as well.

If you’re also worried about where to store your RV? Your regular spot might be your best bet.

Local Church Parking

Most churches have substantial parking spaces for people and during weekdays, they are usually vacant.

If you’re at good terms with the local church staff and can persuade them to let your park for a few days, your local church parking could be the best place to park an RV.

RV storage Facility

If nothing is working out for you, the only way out is to seek professional services. With a surge in the number of off-road enthusiasts and RV owners, there are some business that offer designated parking space for RVs.

These facilities are enclosed or shaded parking areas where you can safely leave your motorhome or RV, and it would remain safe from vandalism, break in, or weather damages.

Before heading down to an RV storage facility, do check the prices online for surety and look for long-term packages.

Renting it out

There’s nothing better than not having to worry about the safety of your RV and making some bucks out of it. Yes! you could kill 2 birds with one stone by renting out your RV when not planning to use it for a while.

This way, you could generate a good passive income and have an insurance policy in place if something goes wrong. Renting out an idle RV is one of the best options if you don’t know where to store it.


Your own property where you can keep an eye on your RV is the best place to store an RV. If you can’t do that, store it at an RV storage facility for peace of mind.

According to community laws in most states, it is illegal to park your RV on the road and you could get heavily fined or your RV towed for violating the code.

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