Who Makes Grand Design RV?

Grand Design RV is a brand name that specializes in the production of travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. The company was founded in 2012 by former senior leaders with Keystone RV, who aimed to build lasting relationships and personal connections with customers. The founders include Ron Clark and brothers Bill and Ron Fenech, who are seasoned RVers that aimed to rekindle the RV-ownership experience in the RV world.

Grand Design RV is known for producing three different types of RVs, namely toy haulers, travel trailers, and fifth wheels. The company focuses its attention on producing these RVs with a slightly more luxurious feel to them. Overall, Grand Design RV is a brand that offers a range of high-quality, luxury RVs for customers who are looking for a comfortable and enjoyable RVing experience.

Who Makes Grand Design RVs?

Grand Design RV is a company that was founded in 2012 by Ron Clark and brothers Bill and Ron Fenech. They are seasoned RVers who aimed to rekindle the RV ownership experience in the RV world. While the brothers left the company on good terms, Clark remained as the CEO of Grand Design.

When did Winnebago buy Grand Design? In 2016, Winnebago Industries, one of the key players in the RV industry, acquired Grand Design RV. Despite this, Grand Design RV still operates as a private company that makes its RVs and is known for producing RVs with grandeur designs. The company is run by professionals from larger, older companies who sought better opportunities to connect with customers.

While Grand Design RV was originally founded by Ron Clark and the Fenech brothers, the company is now owned by Winnebago Industries but still operates as a private company that produces its RVs.

Grand Design Model Line

Product NameProduct TypeNumber of Floor PlansUnloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW) RangeSize Range
Transcend XplorTravel Trailer124,796 to 7,738 lb.24 to 36 ft.
ImagineTravel Trailer95,725 to 8,496 lb.28 to 36 ft.
Imagine XLSTravel Trailer64,674 to 5,597 lb.21 to 28 ft.
ReflectionTravel Trailer38,238 to 9,443 lb.33 to 37 ft.
ReflectionFifth Wheel89,198 to 12,552 lb.32 to 49 ft.
Reflection 150 SeriesFifth Wheel67,204 to 8,955 lb.26 to 32 ft.
SolitudeFifth Wheel1112,100 to 14,866 lb.32 to 41 ft.
Solitude S-ClassFifth Wheel611,442 to 14,054 lb.34 to 40 ft.
Grand Design MomentumFifth Wheel Toy Hauler315,600 to 15,900 lb.41 to 44 ft.
Momentum M-ClassFifth Wheel Toy Hauler513,600 to 15,600 lb.38 to 43 ft.
Momentum G-ClassFifth Wheel Toy Hauler212,400 to 12,950 lb.36 to 39 ft.


Grand Design RV is a leading manufacturer of high-quality travel trailers and fifth wheels in the RV industry. The company was founded in 2012 by a group of experienced RV industry professionals with a commitment to providing innovative, high-quality products with superior customer service. Grand Design’s dedication to quality is reflected in the many awards they have won over the years, including numerous RV industry awards and accolades. 

Their product lineup includes several popular model lines such as Imagine, Reflection, Solitude, and Transcend, each with a range of floorplans and features to meet the needs of a diverse customer base. Grand Design RV has become a trusted name in the RV industry, known for their exceptional products and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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