Are Rexhall motorhomes any good?

Many RVers wonder if Rexhall motorhomes are any good. After all, buying an RV is a major expense and it’s important to make sure that the vehicle you purchase will give you a comfortable ride for years to come. To help answer this question, we’ll look at the features, pros and cons of Rexhall motorhomes so you can decide whether they’re right for your needs.

Who is Rexhall RV Motorhomes?

Rexhall RV is an American manufacturer of motorhomes and recreational vehicles based in California. Founded in 1986, the company has grown steadily to become one of the country’s leading producers of Class A motorhomes. The company uses high-quality materials that meet their exacting standards to ensure a comfortable ride and consistent performance, no matter what type of terrain you happen to be traveling on.

What happened to Rexhall industries?

Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, Rexhall Industries declared bankruptcy in 2009 due to financial difficulties. However, all warranties remain valid as the company works towards restructuring their debt obligations.


Rexhall motorhomes come in several makes and models, from Class A. All models include full bathrooms, sleeping accommodations for four or more people, kitchenettes with refrigerator/freezers, microwave ovens and range tops as well as TV hookups with surround sound. Many models also have a backup camera and satellite radio dish, as well as other amenities like full body paint and upgraded upholstery.

Some of the most popular models from Rexhall include the:

  • Aerbus Series
  • American Clipper Series
  • Anthem Series
  • Rexair Series
  • Roseair Series
  • Vision Series


The major advantage of Rexhall motorhomes is their affordability. Prices range from around $10,000 to more than $50,000 for top-of-the-line diesel pushers. Additionally, the company offers a variety of financing options that can make your purchase even easier on your pocketbook.

Rexhall motorhomes are also known for their durability and reliability. They’re built with quality materials and come with a two year limited warranty in most cases.


The downside to Rexhall motorhomes is that they aren’t as well known in the RV industry as some of the other brands. This means it can be harder to find parts and service if something goes wrong, or you need to make repairs or upgrades. Additionally, while they are generally considered reliable, they don’t always have the best gas mileage compared to other brands.


Overall, Rexhall Motorhomes offer an affordable option for those looking for a quality RV with plenty of features and amenities. While there are some downsides, such as limited availability of parts and service and lower than average gas mileage, these shouldn’t deter most potential buyers from considering a Rexhall motorhome for their next RV purchase.

By looking at all the features, pros and cons of Rexhall Motorhomes, you can make an educated decision about whether or not they are right for your needs. Ultimately, each RVer should weigh all the facts carefully before making a final decision. Good luck!

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