Best RV Campground Memberships and Clubs Canada

If you’re looking for the best RV camping experience in Canada, it pays to join one of the many available memberships and clubs. By becoming an RV campground club or membership program member, you can access exclusive privileges like discounts on stays, early booking opportunities, and unique amenities.

What are Campground Memberships and Clubs?

RV campground membership and club programs are organized by individual campgrounds or chains of campgrounds. The programs allow RVers to gain access to exclusive benefits such as discounts, access to exclusive events and activities, early booking opportunities, and other amenities.

The main benefit of joining an RV camping membership program is the discounts you can get on your stays. Depending on the program you choose, you can receive discounts ranging from 10-50% off standard rates. Other advantages include early booking opportunities, special events and activities tailored for members only, access to exclusive amenities like swimming pools and hot tubs, and VIP treatment at check-in. Additionally, many programs offer points that can be used for future RV camping stays.

Types of Membership Programs

There are several different types of RV campground memberships and clubs in Canada. Most will offer discounts on campsite fees and other activities related to your stay. Some even include free admission to special events or attractions. Common membership programs include:

  • CAA Campgrounds – CAA is a popular Canadian auto club that now offers a range of camping-related benefits. Through the CAA Campgrounds program, you can access discounts on campground fees, early booking opportunities and exclusive amenities.
  • Good Sam – Good Sam is a well-known RV camping organization that offers discounts at over 2,600 participating Canadian campsites. Members receive 10% off nightly rates as well as other special privileges like free stays for members with certain levels of loyalty points.
  • KOA Campgrounds – Kampgrounds of America (KOA) is one of the largest chains of campgrounds in North America. Their membership program offers exclusive benefits like discounts on campsite rentals, Cheap Fuel Points rewards and much more.
  • Escapees RV Club – This membership program is designed specifically for full-time RVers. Membership benefits include discounts on campgrounds and other services, exclusive access to educational resources, and more.
  • Canadian Camping and RV Council – The Canadian Camping and RV Council is a national organization that represents the interests of campgrounds and RVers in Canada. Members can access discounts on campsites, exclusive events, and other benefits.
  • Camping and RVing British Columbia – This membership program is specifically aimed at RVers in British Columbia. Benefits include discounts on campsite rentals, access to exclusive events, and more.
  • Camping Quebec – Camping Quebec is a membership program designed specifically for RVers in the province. Members can get discounts on campsite rentals, access to exclusive events, and more.
  • National Parks of Canada – If you’re planning on visiting any of Canada’s national parks, consider joining their membership program. Benefits include discounts on campsite fees and exclusive access to special events and activities.
  • ParkPass – ParkPass is a membership program that allows you to access discounts on campsite fees and other activities at over 900 campgrounds across Canada.

How to Choose the Right Membership Program

When looking to join an RV campground membership or club in Canada, it’s important to consider your individual needs. Consider how often you camp and the types of amenities you prefer. Also, take into account any other discounts or benefits each program offers.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential memberships, it’s wise to compare the fees and availability at each campsite before making a final decision. Be sure to read the fine print on all membership programs so that you understand what is expected from you as a member.

Pros and Cons RV Campground Memberships and Clubs

RV campground memberships and clubs have both advantages and disadvantages. The biggest benefit is that you can access discounts on campsite fees, as well as other privileges related to your stay. You may also be able to book your camping trips early or get access to exclusive amenities not available to non-members.

However, there are some downsides to joining an RV membership program or club. For one, the fees associated with many of these programs can add up over time. Furthermore, some clubs and memberships require a minimum level of loyalty points before you’re eligible for certain benefits or discounts.


Joining an RV campground membership program can provide many exclusive benefits for Canadian campers. From discounts on campsite rentals to free stays with loyalty points, there are lots of great perks available through these memberships and clubs.

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