Can you Walk Around in a Motorhome While Driving?

Owning a motorhome is indeed a fascinating way of planning your road trips. When you consider taking a road trip in a motorhome, you plan to make use of all the luxuries it provides. Hence, traveling in a motorhome for restroom breaks is considered pretty normal by most people. Unlike a car, a motorhome features spacious interiors that make it easier for passengers to roam around and reach the refrigerator for a bottle of water, use the bathroom, or simply appreciate the interior spaces. Therefore, it has become one of the attractions of using the motorhome, especially for the youngsters to move around freely and enjoy all the facilities.

Even though it feels fantastic to move around after sitting for a while, it is still not at all safe to wander around when the RV is moving. Therefore, walking inside an RV that is moving is strictly prohibited in several states. Passengers must take a seat and buckle their seatbelts. These rules are made for the protection of the passengers. Therefore, all must follow to be safe.

Reasons not to walk around in a Motorhome

While it is enjoyable to experience the luxuries of a motorhome, it is still not recommended at all to walk around in one while it is moving. Let’s have a look at a few reasons why passengers are not suggested to walk in a moving motorhome.

  • Unstable Walk

When a motorhome is moving the passengers find difficulty in walking properly because a motorhome becomes very shaky. Therefore, you feel incredibly unstable when you’re walking in a moving vehicle. Additionally, Driving over a rough road or around a corner just makes this situation worse. Due to your unsteadiness, you face an extremely high chance of falling and getting hurt. This is why it is recommended to be seated to make you have safe travel.

  • High Risks of Injuries

We find that a motorhome has a larger risk of injury than a car. Because a motorhome is a large vehicle and you won’t be able to control and protect yourself, falling while walking there will result in serious injury and toss you a long way, hurting you severely. We all know that when the driver presses the brakes suddenly, something will surely fall to the ground, but what if you get up and fall to the ground as soon as the driver hits the brakes? It can cause bone fractures and possibly be fatal. Hence, it is not at all advised to walk in a moving motorhome.

  • Distracts the driver

The driver must be completely focused when driving the vehicle and cannot let his concentration divert. Therefore, if someone is walking inside the motorhome, the driver may become distracted and lose focus, which could lead to an unsafe road accident. A driver is heavily responsible for maintaining everyone and everything’s safety, especially while driving an already difficult vehicle like a motorhome. Hence, for safety issues, people should stay in their seats and buckle their seat belts while traveling in a motorhome.

Laws of Different Countries and States with Seatbelt

When we talk about walking in a motorhome it is essential to know that many countries and states have strict laws about buckling the seatbelts on while traveling. One must follow laws and regulations when traveling within such boundaries to avoid penalties and several other problems. However, the seatbelt laws may vary with the ages of the passengers. Let’s now discuss a few of these countries and states.

United Kingdom

The UK has different laws for motorhomes that were manufactured after 1st October 1988 and motorhomes manufactured after 2006. Motorhomes that were manufactured after 1988 need to be equipped with seat belts for the driver and any passengers who will be facing front. When the RV is in motion, these seatbelts must be fastened. Three-point seatbelts are required for the driver and other designated passengers. Other belts that are installed in the car maybe two- or three-point belts.

Whereas in motorhomes that are manufactured after 2006, all designated travel seats must be equipped with seatbelts, and all passengers must use them while the RV is in motion. Three-point seatbelts are only necessary for the designated passenger seats and the driver’s seat. Seatbelts of two points are required in the remaining designated travel seats.


There are very strict laws in Australia while traveling in a motorhome. No matter what, a passenger is not at all allowed to walk in the moving motorhome. He is not even permitted to lie down in a moving motorhome. Any activity that causes you to take off your belt is considered illegal. The Australian police force is known best for enforcing motorhome safety laws.

Your motorhome driver will be fined if you are pulled over by the cops. The penalty is between $330 and 1,500 Australian dollars. The amount of fine may vary with the ages of the offenders. Furthermore, the amount of the fine can also be changed depending on the state in which you are violating the rules.

United States

There are different rules in the different states of America depending on the ages of passengers. Let’s discuss a few!

New York: In New York, it is a matter of the ages of the passengers. There’s a rule that kids under 15 years and the front seats including the driver need to fasten the seatbelts. So, it is better to keep that in mind while passing through New York.

Virginia: In Virginia, all front-seat passengers, regardless of age, are required to buckle up. While in the back it is mandatory for all the passengers under 17 to fasten their seatbelts.

Texas: it is compulsory in Texas to wear seatbelts for all passengers under 17 and also the front seat passengers can’t take off their seatbelts in a moving motorhome in any way.

Wrap Up

Any passenger can face considerable danger when attempting to walk inside a motorhome. We’ve talked about a few barriers that prevent people from walking in a moving RV. Regardless of the local rules and regulations, it is advised to avoid walking while the RV is in motion to prevent several serious injuries that may also result in death. Keep your seatbelt on if you want to enjoy your trip. Have a safe journey!

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