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The Entegra brand has long catered to adventure lovers by making exceptional luxury motorhomes. As a result of which, the company’s name is etched in the minds of every old and upcoming RV enthusiast.

The brand has survived this long, not due to its rich history, but because they offer something elusive – a quiet cabin.

If you have spent a few days in an RV, you would know the importance of a soundless cabin. Hence, why Entegra excels in its field.

But even the best brands are not immune to faults. Unfortunately, Entegra has a few that are worth mentioning. If you intend to buy an Entegra motorhome, you should know the following problems that are common in their RVs.  

Alignment Issues

Motorhomes should not only be comfortable to live in, but they should also be a treat to drive. Unfortunately, Entegra RVs are known to develop problems with wheel alignment, resulting in an unpleasant drive. Several users have complained about the motorhome’s ride quality as a result of misalignment. They report excessive vibration in the steering wheel, which never seems to go away.

The problem is, if you ignore the shaky steering and keep driving without addressing the issue, your RV’s tires could wear out sooner, resulting in unnecessary expenditure.

Luckily, you can get rid of this issue by visiting the nearest mechanic’s workshop for an inspection.  While in the workshop, the mechanic would work on the toe, camber, and caster of the wheels – correcting the angle of the tires.     

You could save tons of money in the long run, by taking your RV to the workshop at the first signs of failure.

Power Shade Malfunction

Living in an RV can be a wonderful experience only when everything is up to your standards and working fine. But when small things such as the power shade stop working – as is reported by many Entegra users – you could get frustrated.

The power shade comes in handy when you are camping and trying to protect yourself from the sun. But if it doesn’t work properly, your day out could fall into jeopardy. Luckily, the power shade problem is a result of a malfunctioning shade motor, and you can easily replace this component with a new one. If you still have time for the warranty, you could call Entegra customer service and ask for a replacement free of cost.

However, if you have just run out of your RVs warranty, you should book an appointment with the nearest certified mechanic. A professional will install the shade motor properly so you can keep enjoying your day picnics with your motorhome.   

Leaking Windows

Many Entegra RV owners have complained that their windows do not seal shut. You can still feel air leaking through the area, which is not expected of a reputable RV brand.

This is bad news for you, especially when it is cold or raining outside. The leaking windows would allow cold air inside, making it difficult for you to control the cabin’s temperature. Moreover, in case of rain, water could seep inside and make a mess of the interior.

You should avoid such a disaster and get your RV checked in the first instance.

But what could cause such an issue in a luxury motorhome? Well, the only thing at fault in such cases is the sealing rubber that you can find on the edges of the window. The rubber sometimes moves from its position, resulting in leakage of air and water into the RV.

Fortunately, you can solve this issue by yanking the rubber in its place and using a heat gun for help. If that is not possible, you can replace the sealing rubber, since it doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Slide Step Problem

Entegra motorhomes have a unique feature where the steps slide out as soon as the RV’s door opens up. All of this is automatic and governed by a power button that triggers this feature on or off. But users have reported that this button often stops working due to a blown fuse. The fuse blows without warning, even when there is no power surge from the steps or the RV’s battery.

In such a case, the first thing you should do is check the fuse box and pinpoint the location of the particular fuse. Use the user manual that comes with your RV as a guide. Once you find the component, replace it so the steps can start working properly.

As a precaution, you should always keep a few fuses in your motorhome. So if anything goes wrong and you are in the middle of nowhere, you can replace the fuse at will.

But what is the permanent solution to this problem?

On deeper analysis, some Entegra owners found that a wire leading up to the step power button was touching the chassis, and when it came under stress, the fuse would blow. The permanent solution was to replace the wiring and put it safely under the carpet so that the wires don’t make contact with the RV’s body.

Moreover, some Entegra users have reported that the steps rattle when coming out of their recess. It is a concerning problem, but nothing that an in-depth service won’t fix. If you start to experience such problems in your Entegra RV, you should go straight to a professional mechanic and ask them to perform a detailed inspection. Usually, dirt and dust deposits can destroy the mechanism causing unnecessary worry.

Leaking Radiator

It is quite common to hear about radiator leaking issues in Entegra motorhomes, especially if the vehicle is an older model. All the newer models that came after 2017 do not have this issue. So, if you are quite new to the Entegra family and own the latest model, you shouldn’t be worried about anything. But, if you own an old Entegra RV and you still haven’t experienced a leaking radiator, you should prepare yourself in advance.

You should look for symptoms of radiator failure like the engine overheating. If something like this happens out of the blue, you should immediately book a slot with a trusted RV mechanic and take your motorhome straight to their workshop.

The last thing you would want is a leaking radiator, as then your RV is good for nothing.

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