Fleetwood motorhome fuse box Overview

The Fleetwood Motorhome Fuse Box is an important component of your RV’s electrical system. It provides protection against electrical overloads, and helps keep electrical components running safely. The fuse box is typically located in the engine bay close to the battery or under the dashboard on the driver’s side.

Fleetwood motorhome fuse box Location

  • Most Fleetwood motorhomes have a main 30-amp fuse box located near the battery. This fuse box will contain all of the primary fuses for your vehicle’s accessories, such as headlights, interior lights, and other electronic components. It may also include additional 20-amp branch circuits that provide power to specific outlets or appliances within your RV. Additionally, some models may have a secondary 15-amp fuse box that provides power to additional components.
  • Fleetwood motorhome fuse box locations for Fleetwood motorhomes can vary, depending on the particular model and year. Generally speaking, the fuse box on a Fleetwood motorhome is usually located on or near the control panel.
  • The fuse box may also be located in the bedroom, in the rear of the motorhome, or near the water heater. The exact location will be determined by the model and year of the motorhome.
  • To access the fuses for the dash area, you’ll need to look behind a panel at floor level in the center of your dashboard. Unlocking this special fuse block will give you ultimate control over your ride’s power.
  • Nestled underneath the dashboard, a magnetically affixed panel conceals the fuses for elements such as radios and windshield wipers.

Fleetwood motorhome fuse box Replacement

Fuses can be easily replaced with a simple screwdriver and the appropriate type of replacement fuse. Be sure to match the amperage rating on the new fuse to the existing one that you are replacing. In some cases, if a specific circuit requires more amperage than the main 30-amp fuse will allow, then a 20-amp branch circuit may need to be installed on the main 30-amp fuse box in order to meet your needs. If you are uncertain about what size or type of replacement fuses you need, consult your Fleetwood Motorhome owner’s manual or contact an authorized Fleetwood dealer for assistance.

Maintaining the fuse box in your Fleetwood Motorhome is an important part of keeping it running safely and efficiently. Regular inspection and replacement of fuses will help ensure that your RV’s electrical system remains reliable on all of your adventures.

Fleetwood motorhome fuse box diagram

In addition to the location of your Fleetwood Motorhome fuse boxes, you may also need a diagram in order to properly identify and locate each component. Most diagrams will include an illustration of all the fuses, circuit breakers, and associated wires that make up the electrical system.

The diagram should be referenced when trying to troubleshoot any issues related to your electrical system. Your Fleetwood Motorhome owner’s manual should contain this information or it can usually be found online at the manufacturer’s website.

The fuses and relays for that panel on pages 67-70.

By understanding where your fuse boxes are located and how they work, you will be better equipped to identify and repair any problems that arise with your RV’s electrical system. With this knowledge, you can make sure your Fleetwood Motorhome runs well for years to come.


The Fleetwood Motorhome Fuse Box is a critical component of the RV’s electrical system, providing protection against overloads and helping keep components running safely. It is typically located near the battery or under the dashboard on the driver’s side, and can be easily replaced with a screwdriver and appropriate type of replacement fuse. Maintaining this fuse box through regular inspections and replacements will help ensure reliability for all future travels.

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