How to Clean an RV Patio Mat?

Owning an RV comes with a lot of responsibility in terms of maintenance and cleanliness. Almost everyone who travels in an RV on a regular basis carries a patio mat with them. It helps you dust your feet and prevents the interior of the RV from getting dirty.

As much as an RV patio mat is useful, it needs to be cleaned regularly in order to serve its purpose. Different sized mats require different techniques for cleaning.

  • Dust the Debris
  • Prepare a Liquid Solution for Cleaning
  • Rinse the Mat Thoroughly
  • Scrub Down the Mat
  • Rinse By Section
  • Rinse Completely
  • Let the Mat Dry

Here’s a detailed discussion about how to clean an RV patio mat and other various aspects related to it.

Directions for Cleaning an RV Patio Mat

You might wonder how complicated it is to clean a patio mat. The good news is that patio mats are easier to clean compared to indoor mats. This is due because outdoor mats are made out of materials that can be cleaned easily without getting damaged.

If you’re dealing with a dirty RV patio mat, here are detailed steps on how to clean an RV patio mat.

cleaning an rv patio mat

Dust the Debris

When you place a mat outdoors, it is exposed to various types of loose dirt and debris. So, you need to firmly hold the mat from the corner and shake it strongly. Keep shaking it until you don’t see any more visible dirt falling out of it.

Meanwhile, if you have a large patio mat, you need to hang it over a fence or clothesline. Then, take a broom or some other brush with a long handle and use it to remove all the debris from the mat.

Prepare Liquid Solution

Next, prepare a liquid solution that you will use to clean spots and dried stains from the mat. You will need an empty spray bottle. Add 2 cups of lukewarm water and 2 ounces of any reputable detergent. Shake the bottle firmly to make sure the liquid mixes well to allow maximum efficiency.

liquid solution

Rinse Thoroughly

Place your mat on a sloped surface, like on the stairs. Placing the mat like this will help the water to drain by itself when you rinse it. Then, use a pressure hose or any type of hose available and rinse the mat thoroughly. Focus on the areas where the mat folds as these areas hold extensive dirt.

Scrub It Down

After you are done with the rinsing, you need to place the patio mat on a flat surface. Starting with a particular section, spray it with the solution you prepared earlier and start scrubbing it with a scrub brush. Make sure to scrub it firmly for at least 20-30 seconds for optimal results.

Moreover, you should use a bristle brush for woven mats. Meanwhile, for even textured mats, you should use a sponge to prevent the surface of the mat from being damaged.

Rinse By Section

Once you scrub the mat, let it sit for a good 3-5 minutes but don’t let the liquid dry. After this, use the pressure hose again and rinse the mat thoroughly section by section, making sure all the detergent is washed away completely.

Rinse Completely

Now, when you are done rinsing the mat section by section, lay it down on a flat surface. Completely rinse the whole surface of the mat, ensuring the removal of any cleaner that might be left.

Let It Dry

Your cleaning process is pretty much done by now. All you need to do is hang your patio mat on a clothesline or a railing in the sun. Wait until all the water is dried up, and then the mat will be good to go!


After going through this guide, we hope that you have a much better understanding of how to clean an RV patio mat. The important thing to remember is to keep cleaning your mat on a regular basis to make sure the cleaning process is smooth, and no hard stains remain on the mat. Also, always try to wash the mats during the daytime so you can efficiently dry them up in the sun, as drying is a vital part of the whole process.

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