How Big Should Your RV Mat Be?

An RV rug can help you alter the campsite lifestyle. It provides a clean surface for your outdoor furniture and helps you clean your feet prior to stepping into the RV, thereby ensuring more cleanliness of the interior floor. An RV rug is available in various sizes, shapes, and textures and is readily available in standard sizes in the market.

When it comes to its size, the bigger the mat is, the more outdoor area surrounding your RV it will cover, so you can expect more dirt to be kept away from your RV. Ideally, RV rugs should be the exact size or larger than the awning. 

Mats are usually available in woven plastic and have solid patterns. You can also find eco-friendly ones that make use of recycled plastic.

If you’re unsure of the size of the RV rug, here are some things you should know.

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Should the Mat be the Same Size than the Awning?

Having an RV mat of the same size or larger than the awning can be super beneficial for weekend campers and full-time RV drivers. Not only does it make for a welcoming space for people to hang out in, but it also keeps the dust and debris at bay inside your RV. The extra outdoor space provided by a larger RV mat can be used for multiple activities, such as a campfire, playfield, or simply as a gathering spot.

The most accurate way to measure the awning in order to find the best RV rug is by taking the external dimensions into account and leaving a margin of 1 foot from all sides. In case you cannot determine the precise size of your awning, keep these following in mind as a general guide for RVs.

  • 10ft-12ft RV: 3m RV mat
  • 13ft-18ft RV: 4m RV mat
  • 19ft-21ft RV: 5m RV mat
  • 22ft and above RV: 6m RV mat

What Size for 13.5 Foot Awning?

For a 13.5 foot awning, which is considered to be amongst the smallest awning sizes suitable for a small camper, a 4m RV rug makes for a good choice. Usually, on caravans and camper trailers, awnings measure up to 2.4m wide. Purchasing a patio mat that also covers the underside of your awning will ensure maximum utilization of that space.

What Size for 15.6 Long Awning?

For an awning measuring 15.6 in length, again, a 4m RV mat would make for a great choice. You can easily find inexpensive RV mats measuring 9 feet by 18 feet. Good brands offer excellent durability, so your RV rug might eventually get some roughened edges, but the rug material will work just as efficiently in about seven years if it is maintained as directed.

What Size for 18′ Awning?

For an awning size of 18 feet, getting two mats that would cover the total area in equal parts is a more viable option. So you can go for 6 feet by 9 feet or 8 feet by 12 feet mat. Either way, chores such as folding and stowing would become a lot easier for you than having to manage a single bulky one. Also, make sure you go for woven polypropylene material to ensure protection against rain.

What is the Largest RV Outdoor Rug?

The largest RV Outdoor Rug available in the market is the Reversible Mats 159183 RV Patio Mat, measuring 9 feet by 18 feet. Its size allows it to cover a total area of 162 square feet. It is available in a variety of colors and is designed to be breathable so that the user can place it atop grassy surfaces without hesitation.

It is also UV-coated so that the surface does not take damage. Its material is 100% virgin polypropylene material, which feels extremely soft to walk on but rigorous enough to withstand all camping activities. It can be easily cleaned by a hose and is resistant to any kind of mold buildup. It weighs super light at only 12.5 pounds, which makes folding a less hectic task.

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